Saturday, September 14, 2013

Prayer For 9/14/2013

Lord I thank you for all that you do for me. I put this and every day into your hands. Lord I pray for all who read this prayer today. For those in the Middle East I pray you one day come to grips with your past and your future and can make peace with your neighbors. To Russia I pray that we can become more friendly towards each other and stop the confrontational crap between our governments. To Europe just keep on being  Beautiful. To Asia I pray that one day we may truly understand each other and become closer in the world community. To Africa I pray that one day all countries are untied together to stamp out hunger and disease. To South America one day I hope and pray that our borders are more open to each other and that trust can become better between all of us. To any and all who I might have missed man let's all just be friends and family in what we call Man.
To the world we are all part of the Human Race and we need to come together as friends. May all this put into your hands Lord. Amen. OK I know it's a big Prayer but you can handle it Lord.