Sunday, June 30, 2013

Egypt Boiling Over

     Thousands are protesting in Egypt over the removal of President Morsi. They have been gathering for some time for today's march. Problem is President Morsi has his supporters and they are out there in force also.
     What we have here is the possibility of some sort of  confrontation. The two sides are supposed to be away from each other as the police are out in force, except the Presidential Palace is open for anything. All that is keeping protesters from getting in is a wall.
     The President has been losing favor for some time from the populace and the congress and the military. A triple threat here sounds like Morsi may be on the way out. Good Luck Folks.

Prayer For 6/30/2013

     The Lord works in mysterious ways. There are times when I want my prayers to be answered now and it doesn't seem to work that way. God feels that there are times when we are not ready for the things we want. So we have to wait, and sometimes that gets us in trouble with him because we want it now. God works in his own time. So I ask this prayer be answered when you feel we are ready to accept it. Lord I pray to you today for all the world to be at peace. That's it. That's my prayer to you today, world peace. It's a simple prayer Lord, I can wait for your answer. In your time.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Prayer For The United States

    Lord this weekend the U.S. will have scorching heat in the southwest and floods in the Northeast. There will be many people who are going to be hurting. I pray that there is not a lot of death. I know there will be damage to homes and businesses. Maybe you can see that it is not much damage. Lord deep down we are good people . We don't usually make the right choices but we are good people. Help us this weekend Lord. Amen

Prayer For 6/29/2013

    Lord there are times we get angry at people when we don't really mean to be. There are times that we lose our patience and do things that we know we shouldn't. There are times when we must ask forgiveness for the things we do. Lord I ask you to forgive me for the things I do when it hurts people. Help me not to do it again. Help me to be kind to all  friends and family.  Help me to kind to all I come in contact with this day. Lord help me to be a Christian.

Brazilian Protesters Anger Police

    Protesters have been closing in on the stadiums where the prelims for the next World Cup are being played. Why, because that's where the cameras are. Police have put up security areas where protesters are supposed to stay behind. This, of course, means nothing to a crowd of people who have nothing to lose.
    People in Brazil have been up in arms for a couple of weeks now. They are upset with the corrupt government, the lack of  proper health care, rundown school systems, and truthfully inadequate transit systems. Look these people, some of whom are living in cardboard boxes, just want some help and they don't get it from their government.
 The government is spending billions on the World Cup and the Olympics in three years, but the people are starving. Unfortunately this has been going on for some time now. It's just been boiling over little by little till now it's time to bitch.
    President Rousseff was on TV last week talking of reforms and she has been meeting with groups and unions ever since. She is supposed to address the Congress next Monday on what reforms she wants to try to put in place. I hope the people can wait to hear what she has to say. If she doesn't come through for the people there could be bloodshed coming and not just the tear gas that has been used so far.

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China And South Korea Gang Up ON North Korea

    China and South Korea cannot have a nuclear North Korea and have come out said so together. This is different as China has finally had enough of North Korea and its stupidity. This is not saying that China is giving up on its ally but it is very uncomfortable with North Korea's last nuclear test this past spring. China is talking of sanctions or increasing the one's already on North Korea and maybe denying  access to North Korean bank accounts.
     So far the United States is mum on the meeting between the countries but anything that can be done will help. North Korea was to have talks with South Korea but couldn't agree on who would be coming to the talks. North Korea has requested to have talks with the United States but have not finalized any details.
     North Korea and its kid leader are going to feel some pressure now that China has stepped in. Maybe we can finally put this on the back burner and get everybody together. It would be nice if North Korea could play fairly with its neighbors and be nice for a change.

Living With Cancer XV

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Senegal Tells Obama Mind Your Own Business

    While in Senegal President Obama lauded the United States Supreme Courts ruling on Gay Rights. He spoke of the courts decision and asked the audience to consider it for the African Nation. Senegal's President Sall said his country is not ready to decriminalize homosexuality. Sall stated that his country is tolerant of gays but that it is not going to change it's views overnight. Sall goes on to state that his country has outlawed capital punishment if you are caught in a homosexual act while other African countries still punish by death.
    Way to go President Sall for standing up for your country. We Americans don't have all the answers but you might want to consider some of the things we do.

Obama Visits Africa

     United States President Barack Obama is visiting the countries of Senegal, Tanzania, and South Africa. It is an official state visit to each of these countries and it's more or less an apology for not getting back to Africa before now.
    As the first black President of the United States it was thought that he would have been more interactive with Africa but he has been kind of busy in other areas of the world. Unfortunately his trip is also at the same time when Nelson Mandela is in Hospital in critical condition.
    Obama is trying to bolster the youth of these countries into becoming productive citizens in their respective countries. He is also trying to build economic ties between the United States and these three countries. Simply put it's a promotional tour for him and his family. Hope he can stop in and see Mr. Mandela.

Chemical Attacks Case Taken To United Nations

     The United States and Great Britain are taking the chemical weapons attack cases to the U.N. to be investigated. The two countries are stating that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people. The Syrian government has denied these allegations stating that it was the rebels who were the ones who used the weapons.
    Funny thing is that Assad will not allow the United Nations to come into the country to investigate. Which leads many to believe that it was Assad who was the one at fault and not the Rebels. Look Assad needs to go and the country should be allowed to establish a new government. Unfortunately with Russia backing Assad this will not happen anytime soon. Since it seems that this Civil War which is now in its third year is not going to go away soon, maybe someone should just bomb the crap out of Assad and tell Putin to go to Hell.

Putin At It Again

     Russian President Putin has shut down an election monitoring agency due to a technicality. Simply put during the last election the monitor called Golos stated there was voter fraud and now it is being shut down for speaking up. Putin says that he is trying to have a democratic Russia, but everything he's doing shows that he is a liar. His KGB upbringing is getting the best of him
    Rather than say OK lets see what you have and see if there was voter fraud he has the Justice Ministry shut down the agency. You know Putin, I used to think you were someone the United States could work with, but lately you really are just being an Idiot. Man, show us that you are a man of your word, and not some thug from the old KGB.  

Gay Marriage Gets Approval

    The Supreme Court of the United States of America has stated that the status of same sex marriages in California are to resume. The Court did not come out and necessarily say it is law of the land but it does give the gay community hope. It opens the doors to some three dozen states who say it is against their laws for the gay community to be married and gives the community a fight in open court with these states to turn them around.
     The Court acknowledges that though it is not a traditional form of marriage it gives people the opportunity to live together in a different arrangement. Many of these people have been living together for many years but because states don't accept these unions they say that the significant other isn't eligible to receive  benefits as other spouses would.  I see many a court case coming up in the near future. This is something that is not over.

Prayer For 6/28/2013

        Thank you Lord for another beautiful day. Thank you for all the time you have spent on getting my life back in order. Thank you Lord for all who read this prayer around the world. May it touch their hearts and souls. May we all live in peace and live as brothers and sisters. I wish Father, that one day we can all be friends. I have no ill will to anyone on this planet and may that feeling be passed onto all who are out there to read this. May we all live as one. Amen.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Prayer For 6/27/2013

     The Lord leads me to him. He gives me the strength to live everyday. I have been asking him to watch over and guide all that you do. I have been asking him to care for your every need. I ask him today to be there for us when times are dark. To lead us back to light, and to be a good person toward all we see this day. Lord gives what we need. Open our hearts and allow us to kind and gentle to others.  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Don't Give Up The Fight

     When you find yourself low and you feel the weight of the world upon your shoulders don't give up the fight. Never give in and admit defeat. Maybe you can admit that it can't be done. Just don't give the bastard the win. Whether it's a government that you feel is doing you wrong or a business that is treating you unfairly. It could be a family member or friend who is taking advantage of you, just don't give up.
      If you believe strongly in something and you feel it really down low in your gut then it's the right thing. Then don't give up. Fight for it, and the world can be yours. Look I'm not saying you go out and break the law.  In most countries there are ways to get around the rules, do it legally.
     There is nothing in this world that says it cannot be done, unless it's you giving up. Be strong. Be true to yourself and to all around you. Stand up and be heard and don't give up the fight.   

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Living With Cancer XIV

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Russia Says No To The United States

    Russian President Putin came out yesterday and stated that Russia would not bow to the request by the United States for the extradition of Edward Snowden. Snowden as you all know is the young man who leaked all the NSA material here in the United States. He's the man who first went to Hong Kong and communicated with China about who knows what.  Now he's the man who is staying at a hotel at the Moscow airport. He was supposed to be heading to Ecuador but is now staying in Moscow and will probably converse with Putin about God knows what.
    President Putin saying no to the United States is just another reason why I don't think anything solid will come from Syrian talks later this summer. This just proves that Putin and Obama do not get along. This just proves that this is personal. Putin is out to destroy any possibility of the two countries ever agreeing on anything.  Putin is going through his change of life and is taking it out on everyone.
    He is divorcing his wife. He goes mountain climbing and other sports activities that are usually for the younger crowd. What's next Mr. President a red sports car.
    Mr. Putin don't make this personal between the United States and Russia. Don't take us back to the cold war again. We've been there and you lost.
    As far as the Snowden affair, keep him. He's a dead man if you let him come back to the United States. Any secrets he may have are already past due. ,

Prayer for 6/26/2013

    The Lord is my Savior and I am here to say that to you. He has taken a person who sinned and made him into a person who tries to live a good life. I pray to our Lord everyday that he may come into the lives of all who read this prayer. I pray to our Lord that your hopes and wishes and dreams come true. I am a simple man who just wants the world to be a better place. I want our world to be one of where I can call all of you my brother or sister in Christ. I pray this to our Lord this day. Amen

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prayer for 6/25/2013

     The Lord watches over us. He protects us and cares for us. He is our savior and our friend. He listens to our prayers and comforts us. Lord I pray to you this day for all you do you give us what we need. Lord I pray for all who read this and pray they have a good day. Lord I thank you for all that you have done for me. Amen 

Monday, June 24, 2013

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Nelson Mandela Is Critical

     The former President  of South Africa, Nelson Mandela's condition has turned critical. The lung infection has continued to not get any better. His organs have begun to show fatigue for the length of time he has been ill.
     The man who at times has been seen as larger than life is human and his age is not helping. The man who was jailed for 27 years for speaking out against the conditions of his beloved South Africa is very ill.
     This, the first elected black man to be President of South Africa, has been ill off and on for a long time. My heart and Prayers go out to the people of his country, to his family, and to all who admire and care for this man. Mr. Mandela you are in our prayers.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Prayer for 6/24/2013

     Lord I thank you this day for allowing dreams to come true. You are always there for us who believe. You allowed Nik Wallenda to accomplish his dream of crossing the Grand Canyon on a tight rope wire. You allow me each day to live my dreams. Lord I pray for all who have dreams that have not come true yet; for these people I pray. Lord I put this week into your hands and let all dreams come true. Amen

Dreams Do Come True

     Nik Wallenda had dreamed of this day for a very long time. He wanted to cross the Grand Canyon on a tight rope wire. The distance of 1400 ft. was all he had to do to accomplish a dream While crossing the canyon you could hear him praying to Jesus Christ. You could see him walking across and the winds were really whipping up at a good speed.
    The area he crossed is part of the Navajo Nation. After he accomplished his task the leaders of the Nation gave him some gifts. He lives in Sarasota Florida and he has been practicing here prior to the walk. He was able to use Tropical Storm Andrea to capture some of the feel of the winds.
     It took 22:54 to cross the Canyon, he is the first to do it. He is an amazing man and God was truly with him this day. All of us in Florida are very proud of our native son. Way to go Nik. 

William And Kates Baby.

    No she hasn't had the baby yet. She just went on lite duty so to speak. All her social appearances have been cut. So we are down to the wire. What bothers me about all this is that Great Britain on the whole might be looking at this birth as some sort of financial windfall for the country.
    OK. That's just pathetic. I hope the article I read was wrong. Look this is a child and I understand  that it is in the line toward the throne, but it is a baby. I remember what we all did to William's Mother and I cried like a little baby when she died. It's time to set matters straight. These people may belong to the British Monarchy but they are still human beings. When the baby is born I will get my pint of Guinness out and I will toast the birth, but that's it. I hope I don't upset my readers in Great Britain but let the kids become parents before everybody tries to make a buck or pound off them. Cheers

Living With Cancer XIII

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Turkish Leader Plays Blame Game

     Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is blaming International Media for all his troubles. Now he is blaming the International Media for Brazil's troubles. So let me get this straight Mr. Prime Minister, it was the International Media who fired tear gas and water cannons on your people when they were protesting a very nice park that you wanted to turn into something concrete.It was the International Media who went into peoples homes and arrested them on trumped up charges.
     Mr. Prime Minister you really should look into the mirror and see who is the guilty party here. Don't blame anybody else for your stupidity. Your kidding right, you pompous jackass. There has been freedoms in your country for over 90 years that you are trying to take away. Mr. Prime Minister I hope your countrymen finally see you for the despot that you are. People of Turkey rise up for you have nothing to lose but your cookies. Good Luck .

Protests Continue In Brazil

    President Rousseff  spoke Friday and stated that changes were coming. For some 250,000 people last night they really didn't care what has been promised in the future. They want government corruption to stop now and they want those promises for education and health care to start now.
    I hope this President wasn't just blowing smoke up the people's ass, because the populace wants change now and that usually means we want you to listen Madam President. I also hope that protesters will give her the chance to follow through on her promises. The world is a boiling pot this early summer and what's funny is Brazil is in winter now. More to come I'm sure.  

Medical Marijuana In Florida

    The 2014 Gubernatorial race in Florida may have some interesting items to vote on. One will probably be a vote for or against Medical Marijuana in the state of Florida.
    Now lets look at this seriously for a minute, Marijuana has been noted for helping nausea and other symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation treatments dealing with cancer. It has been noted for the easing of pain in those people who can not take pills.
    We are not saying that this drug will be allowed to be bought at the local 7-11. What is being talked about is that people who can benefit from this herb would be legally allowed to take it.
    My Mother had cancer and died from it. I tried to talk her into smoking some of it when I was smoking but because of the stigma of being illegal she would not touch it. Speaking from someone who had to clean up her vomit after chemo, I think it might have helped.  Right now to get passed as an amendment to the Florida Constitution it would need  60% of the yes vote to pass. At this point, it looks like it could pass. All I'm asking is consider it.

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Prayer for 6/23/2013

     The morning has broken. The cafĂ© con leche is made and my newspapers are in. Church is on the horizon and my Sunday is looking great. My little cousin is getting baptized. I love life Lord. You may have taken most of my life to get me here but it is worth it. Lord I give you everything and thank you for everything. I pray that all who look at this prayer will be blessed with your love Lord. I pray that their week ahead  is filled with love and joy. Amen  

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Solstice

     As about 20,000 gathered at Stonehenge or 15,000 gathered in New York's Times Square for yoga, I took a simpler approach to the beginning of Summer. I prayed that it would get over quickly so fall could come.
     Don't get me wrong, I do love summer but in Tampa we have this thing called heat. It can get miserably hot during the summertime in Florida. I love to go to the beach during the summertime and I do get there a couple of times a week, but other than that I can do without it. I don't pray to druid gods or have yoga session in Times Square to bring in the Summer. I simply go to the beach and said AHHHH. After all the water did feel nice yesterday.
     So, to each his own, you enjoy your summer and I hope you have a great time this warmest of Seasons.  

Prayers For India

    Some 550 have been killed in monsoon flooding in Northern India. Some 50,000 people are stranded in the region. Most are Sikh  and Hindu pilgrims heading to four sacred shrines for prayer and meditation. Roads and bridges in the region are being washed away due to the flooding.
    Lord I pray to you today to care for all these people who are trapped by the raging waters. Help them to find shelter until the monsoon rains come to an end. Allow them to try and continue their journeys only if it's safe. Lord I put this in your hands.

Prayers For Calgary Canada

    Some 75,000 to 100,000 people will  be displaced due to heavy flooding in the region. Homes and businesses will be destroyed. Coming back from devastation like this is hard but it's doable.
    Lord please help all involved. May loss of life be nil to few. May the infrastructure of town and villages be saved so people have something to come back to. Lord I ask you to protect this beautiful place. Amen

North Korea Is Insane

    North Korean Envoy tells United Nations that they need to dissolve the Korean Command. Reason being is that the United States is going to use those forces to start an all out Nuclear War with his country. Now this is coming a week after North Korea wanted to resume talks about nuclear arms between the two countries.
     What's funny is that this is coming two weeks after North Korea canceled talks with South Korea. North Korea and it's leadership is nuts. This kid who is running North Korea needs to be spanked and spanked hard. If he wants to play with the big boys he better learn some manners. China is also wanting to get rid of this kid as he is giving Chinese politics a headache.
    Screw it. This country thinks we are going to nuke them, then fine nuke them to hell.

Putin To Divert Pension Funds.

     Russia's President Putin will draw on the country's pension fund to help pay for a highway and work on rail upgrades. People of Russia, whenever a government says they are going to take from your pension fund to do anything means you will never see that money again.
     I can't speak as to your economy other than the fact that it's worse than the United States, but I would be getting upset about this. You need that money to live when you retire. I would be asking President Putin to find the money elsewhere. Hey, good luck hope all works out.

Syrian Rebels Have Been Getting Weapons Training

    For about a year now Syrian Rebels have been getting weapons training by U.S. Special Ops and CIA personnel at bases in Jordan and Turkey. With Obama's announcement that the Rebels will be getting anti-aircraft and other weapons in the near future, this is giving the Rebels much hope for the future.
    The United States has also come out and stated that when training is complete the servicemen at the base in Jordan will be staying on through the near future. Well, it has happened, we are in another regional war and we are going to be involved for the long haul. Problem is that once again this puts us against the Russians. We are backing the Rebels and the Russians are backing the Syrian government. Lovely.

Brazilian Protests

     Brazil's President Rousseff has come out of hiding. She spoke to the country for the first time since the protests began. She said that peaceful protests would be allowed but violent protests would not be tolerated. She vows to make improvements to public services but it would not happen overnight.
     She stated changes would be made in the educational system, health services, and transportation. If you remember the protests started when the government said it would raise mass transit fares. She wants to meet with leaders of the peaceful protests to see if they can iron out their differences.
     Brazil has long been remembered for having many slums in its major cities thus leading a big separation between the have and the have nots. With the upcoming World Cup next year and the Olympics coming in three years, I hope they can put all this behind them.

Prayer for 6/22/2013

    Lord I put this day and all days into your hands. You lead us out of sin. You take us to new heights. You make sure we have all that we need. You are our savior. Lord I pray to you this morning for all that don't know your kindness and joy. May they see you and learn to love you as we all do. Lord I pray for all who are battling floods and other mother nature catastrophes. Help them to survive and get back on their feet soon This I pray today.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Protesting In Brazil

    This started because the government wanted to raise fairs on mass transit. Well the government caved and said they wouldn't raise fairs. People said that's nice but we have more gripes. We are tired of the corruption in government. We are tired of our taxes going into the pockets of the politicians. We need better human services and we want them now.
    For most Brazilians this has been along time coming. You are not talking of small demonstrations we are talking of millions across the country coming out and voicing their opinions. You know Brazil gets the World Cup and the Olympics and you know these organizations do lengthy background checks on the countries so why didn't they see this coming. Why didn't they know that people are going without. This country needs these events but not when it hurts its own people. Brazil is noted for its slums. Brazil, it's time to take care of your own and I don't mean by violence. Wake up or you in government may be out of a job soon. Good Luck People.

Violence Against Woman

    World Health Organization has come out and finally said that violence against women is now a global epidemic. The report is based on studies done from 1983-2010. They acknowledge that most of the violence comes from partners or ex-partners.It's also being done from people women know.
    WHO wants all health workers to be trained so they can see the early signs of abuse. Whether it be physical with no sexual attack or just physical violence they want workers to know what's going on. They are saying about of a third of the women on this planet have been abused. OK this is just wrong people.
     The areas on this planet where the violence is heaviest is Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. OK guys lets talk, I know women can get on your nerves but seriously women are to be loved and pampered not abused. This has to stop. I know it's bad in the United States but in the areas I mentioned it's worse. If you see it or know about it then get involved and put a stop to it.

Sox Talk

     My friend Sox, who also happens to be my cat, wanted me to say Hi to you all from her. She was on my desk as I was writing and she was getting upset with me because I wasn't paying attention to her. Okay, so here goes, she says it's a beautiful morning and she has already had breakfast. It is time for her morning nap, but she still wants to play. She has heard the newspapers come and she loves when my coffee is ready. She says she is feeling great this morning. She wants everyone to know she's glad that the Heat won the NBA last night. She says she is looking forward to the weekend and looks forward to talking to you more in the future. Bye Bye.

Prayer For 6/21/2013

    The Lord watches over us. He protects us in every way. I put my life into his hands this and every day. I pray for all who read this prayer. I pray they can be as content as I am. I pray that every aspect of your life is free of stress and despair. I hope and pray your weekend is full of joy and happiness. May this day all who are angry can put down their swords and be at peace with the world. May you have a good day. Amen

Thursday, June 20, 2013

India's Deadly Floods

     The country of India is also experiencing flooding this year. It seems a hundred people have already lost their lives. Hey guys...Europe, the United States, and several other areas across the globe are experiencing deadly flooding. My prayers go out to you and hope all this will pass soon.

IRS To Pay 70m In Bonuses.

      The Internal Revenue Service is going to pay 70 million in employee bonuses. It wasn't bad enough that they wasted some 49 million in seminars. Now the taxpayer will lose again and let them pay out 70 million more.I understood that this is in a union contract but seriously folks, enough is enough.
      Maybe we should just stop paying our taxes. I wonder how they would feel about that. God help us all.

Obama Calls for Nuclear Arms Reduction Talks

     In Berlin yesterday President Obama spoke to a crowd outside the Brandenburg Gate requesting that he and President Putin sit down and talk about trimming our nuclear arsenals.  Now here is where our problem begins. We have sat down for the last 40 years with the Russians and tried to trim the weapons down. In the past  they were called salt 1 and salt 2. In later years they were called lets just get rid of the nuclear arms.
    Look it cost too much for both of our countries to maintain them. It would make sense to just destroy them. We are not stupid enough to launch them. We are not in the Cold War anymore. Come on can't we all finally get rid of this stuff  and just live in peace. I call on all Russian citizens to push for this and lets get rid of the arms and drink some Vodka. I'll call you comrade if you call me friend. Please! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Don't Take Crap From Anyone

     You are a human being. You are an individual. You deserve to be treated in a manner that is befitting to yourself. Don't let anyone mistreat you. Don't let anyone hurt you. If you are in an abusive relationship get out. You don't have to be mistreated. If you feel your government is pushing you too far then push back. Every person in every nation on this planet has rights.
    Stand up for yourself and if you can't do it alone, then get someone who can. If someone makes fun of you don't get angry just laugh back at him. If we don't stand up for ourselves sometimes we never will and people will walk all over us.
    I beg you, if you feel lost or you just don't feel like you matter, belief me you do. Everybody is a beautiful person and you must feel good about yourself. I pray all of you will feel like you count. If not to someone else then to yourself. Believe in yourself.  

Living With Cancer XII

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       Sox is the name of my cat. She is my friend. She is my little girl. She is my pain in the neck. She is my baby. She was given to me by my nieces and nephew as a birthday gift some 9 plus years ago. We have only been separated one night in all that time. It took a small heart attack to make that happen.
       Sox likes to sleep next to me at night. She will back herself into my chest and she will stay there until morning. She will make sure that I don't oversleep. Years ago she would go into the bathroom and flush the toilet to wake me up. First time she did this she almost got her head blown off, sinceI thought she was an intruder. She did this for about a year until she broke me into getting up and feeding her around 4 am. What's really wrong is that she goes back to bed afterward and I'm stuck staying up. It's not fair.
      Over the years I have told my stories of Sox to all the kids I have taught. Funny thing is, when the kids come back for a visit and ask me about her it's nice to know they remember.  She loves to play fetch with balled up pieces of paper.
      She is quite the character and right now she is sound asleep waiting for me to come to bed.  Well I guess it's time to hit the sack. She will be getting me up soon for breakfast. What a cat!.

Prayer for 6/20/2013

     I give my life to my Lord Jesus Christ. He has saved me many a time in my life. He watches over me, feeds me, and cares for me. I wish I could be a better person but he always has to come and help. I learned at an early age that I had a guardian angel. Someone who was watching over me. I know all this is simply done on faith but it is a faith that has no limits. Trust and you shall receive. Amen

James Gandolfini R.I.P.

     I was saddened a little bit ago at the news of the passing of Mr. Gandolfini. He had a heart attack in Rome. He was three months shy of his 52nd birthday. It wasn't the sadness that Tony Soprano was no more. I was saddened because I'm a year older and it made me think just how precious is life. One minute you can be in the most beautiful place on the planet and the next you are gone. Hey Tony, we will miss you. Thank you for bringing that character to life. Rest in Peace.

G 8 Summit Wrapup.

     Did they do what they were supposed to? I don't think so. Did our leaders settle the global economic  problems, not in two days. They couldn't even come to terms about Syria and it's regional conflict. I wanted to say civil war but we all know it has become larger. They really didn't come to terms on anything of importance.
     So are these meetings worth it? I mean our leaders can't get together and settle the World's problems in a couple of days. There is too much for them to go over and this truly needs to be put together in a better way. They need more time to be able sit down and discuss what is going wrong. Putin and Obama didn't settle anything and Putin looked bored. They did decide that Assad is to stay in power if they were to have hope of talks later in the summer concerning Syria. I hope they can get together and talk again soon.
     To the Russian people President Putin is a man going through personal problems and I hope his divorce can go smoothly. I made fun of Putin in these postings because I wish he would laugh more. In all the photos we see of your President he is never laughing. I do wish him well in the months to come. I hope the G 8 will meet again soon. There is so much we need to do.   

Protests In Brazil

     Thousands crammed the streets all over Brazil in protest over political corruption, and price hikes. People are mad that their leaders are caring more for Brazil's appearance to the world then to its own people.
     The World Cup and the Olympics are coming to Brazil and there is a big construction craze going on to make the world happy.  I guess they don't have trickle down economics like we do and not everybody is feeling the love.
     As the people are starving and the economic boom they were experiencing is coming to an end Brazilians want more money for the common man. Well, guess what people, it is not going to happen. Talking from experience, the people in Florida helped put on the World Cup some years back but we didn't feel the love either. Man the world is really going to have a bad summer. Well winter down there.

G 8 Summit Update 3

     For most of the Summit the subject of Syria and its civil war was the topic of conversation. Most of the members walked on eggshells because Putin doesn't want Assad to be ousted. Most of Europe and President Obama want Assad out as leader of Syria.
    As for the economic side of the summit, President Obama kept wanting to push Europe into promoting jobs and growth rather than budget cuts. In other words, they agreed to not disagree on most subjects.
     On the social side of the Summit, President Putin was all over the place. I guess once he got rid of the old lady, he has shown the world what a party animal he really is. He even wants to put off the Syrian Peace Talks until August or September so Syria's Assad can get together more hash for the talks.
     What a guy. Well it's been a beautiful summit and we all look forward to more talks next year. So long from Ireland.

Turkish Protest Goes Silent

    Seeing that they are getting nowhere trying to get back into Gezi Park protesters are just stopping in the streets and going silent. No movement. No talking. Silence is golden can go on for hours.
    Prime Minister Erdogan has said he is trying to give more powers to police in this new form of demonstration. He will crack down on all this rift raft. How dare they speak up against my government. Erdogan is trying to narrow his forces and take control of all government.
    Countries across the planet are calling for Erdogan to step down from power, and that his use of tear gas and water cannons has been an over use of power. There is even talk of calling in the Army to confront these people.
     People of Turkey do not give in. Fight for your freedoms and rights. Never give in. The world is behind you.     

Prayer for 6/19/2013

     The lord is my shepherd and I shall not want. Seek and ye shall find the Lord. When you find him, trust him and you shall find yourself. May the Lord bless you and guide you this and every day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

G 8 Summit Update 2

    After discussions on Syria, and other world topics Presidents Obama and Putin were seen holding hands while taking a walk along the shore after dinner. My how the political landscape has changed. Good for you President Putin, divorcing your wife and coming out of the closet all in about a week. Good for you. More to come.

Prayer For 6/18/2013

     The Lord comforts me. He protects me from all that is bad. He delivers me into a world of peace and harmony. I have given my life over to him. I live for my Lord, Jesus Christ. I hope and pray every day for peace and love be brought unto you who read these prayers. I am a simple man of simple beliefs. I believe that all of you will have a great day today. Trust in the lord.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Great Gatsby 1974

To read this review please follow this link: The Great Gatsby (1974)

G 8 Summit Update

    NEWSFLASH. Russia's Putin and Great Britain's Cameron seen in hot tub smoking some fine hash discussing the possible talks between Syria's Assad and Syrian Rebels. Putin states that Assad will bring some purple haze hash to the event. Rebels talk of bringing some good homegrown. Sounds like some good talks coming up this summer. More to come

G 8 Summit

     Yes we will be talking about economics and other interesting stuff, but first Party Time. Yeah that's right once we are behind close doors it's Party Time.  Suckers.

United States Welfare System

    What a freaking joke. The U.S. welfare system is nothing but corrupt. From people who get on it and abuse it . To the politicians who allow it, to those who really could use it and never get it,  it is a joke. The food stamp system is full of people who barter it away for beer and cigarettes.
     I remember a 60 minute segment on the welfare system and this big fat ugly lady saying "I'm going to have another kid and no government is going to tell me no. It's my God given right to have another kid, so I can get another 167.00 a month".
    In the 1930's welfare really came into it's own, and it was needed. Now 80 years later we have generations of Americans who have lived on it all their life and have no intention of ever going out and getting a job.
   The United States needs jobs. Sorry world but we need to feed our people first and get them off the free ride. We will help the world but first we have to help ourselves. People go get a job, any job, but help us all out. Get off welfare.    

Obama Says Yes To North Korea

   President Obama has come out and said if North Korea is serious in wanting real and credible talks that he is interested. Obama wants North Korea to understand that any of the agreements to come out of these talks will have to be abided by.
   In the past North Korea has always backed out of any agreement that it has made. It continues to build a missile defense system. They have also been working on nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.
   North Korea was to sit down and talk with South Korea last week, but they couldn't decide who to send to the party. North Korea is becoming the joke of the neighborhood and even China can't control the little kid. Someone needs to give the little brat from North Korea a spanking or send him to time out.

Turkish Protest

    Prime Minister Erdogan has gone completely nuts. Last night and yesterday protesters tried to takeover Gezi Park again but were stopped by tear gas and water cannons. The medics, shopkeepers, and anyone else who attempted to help the protesters were also fair game. This guy has turned a simple protest into a major conflict. This is nothing more than an attempt by a tyrant to take total control over his country.
    The protesters have every human right to voice their opinions. Turkey has for the last several decades been able to have the freedoms and rights that every human being deserves. These conflicts have now turned a country upside down. As I said before protesters do not stop. Erdogan needs to go and you are the ones who will be able to do the task. The United States backs you.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


      I'm 52 years old and all my life there has been some kind of war, military action, or just some plain ole stupidity going on around some place on this planet. Why can't we all just get along? Why can't we put aside all the bickering and the negativity? Why can't we all just get along!
     Right now we have North Korea trying to start crap with everybody. We have the Middle East all up in arms because Sunni and Shiite can't get along. We have Muslims and Christians fighting amongst themselves. What is it going to take to finally come to terms and settle all these silly disputes.
     I remember when the United States was fighting in the first Gulf War and 60 minutes was talking to a Bedouin about what he thought about it all  and when he answered he mentioned the first time the Christians had come over and fought. He was talking about the bloody crusades. Something that had occurred some 600 years ago. I couldn't believe it. This man was holding a 600 year old grudge.
    Look we have disagreements over politics, religion, and financial pursuits but where does it get us. Nowhere! We as a race of Humans need to finally get it together and try and live as one. We need to take of our planet, rather than try and kill everybody off.
    To the world, I say Shalom. I say Peace. I say let's all live together. I say let's put all our weapons down and live in Peace.

Living With Cancer XI

Living With Cancer XI - Follow this link to this article. 

Prayer for 6/17/2013

     My Lord I pray everyday to you. I pray for family and friends. I pray for all our needs. I pray for all who read my Blog, I pray for all who don't know what you are all about. I pray for good weather. I pray for all our children. I pray for you my Lord.
     Lord today I pray for myself. I pray that you are always there for me. I pray that you help me to say the right things. I pray that my actions don't offend. I pray that my life will better serve you. Amen

North Korea Wants Talks

    After their debacle of backing out of talks with South Korea, North Korea wants to talk nuclear with the United States. What is wrong with this country? Has this kid lost his mind. He can't sit and talk with South Korea but he can sit and talk with the United States. Why should we even waste our time with this bozo. It's time North Korea realizes that we don't need to put up with this bullshit anymore. Going to war with North Korea would actually be fun. It's time the U.S. finally takes this kid out to the woodshed and whip his baby ass. We should not waste our time with the North Koreans anymore. The United States and South Korea should finally get together and invade North Korea and take them out. Yes, talking with them would be a waste and we should simply nuke the bastards.

Cuba Prepares Coastline

    Climate change has prompted Cuban officials to prepare for the worst. Scientists have said that most of the Cuban shoreline would be underwater by centuries end. Wiping out some 900 tons of land and villages. Relocation of people and demolition of buildings is already taking place.  Unlike Washington, where the debate is still going on, Cuba feels most of the Island will be wiped out. Beach erosion and possible threat of rising water has forced the Cuban government to implement measures to protect themselves.
    Sounds like Al Gore has been to Havana. Wonder what's next...Key West building walls. We shall see.

Riot Police Oust Protesters In Turkey

    Prime Minister Erdogan ordered riot police to finally go into Gezi Park and clear the protesters out. Using tear gas and water cannons police chased the protesters through the Istanbul streets. The crowd had been protesting for the last 18 days over the fact that the park was to be turned into a shopping center.
    At least that was the original idea, but as the government cracked down on the protesters a broader view of the authoritarian rule of Erdogan came under fire. With this latest violence everyone is wondering how the country will react. Please continue your peaceful protest. Don't let this two faced politician get the better of you. He will not allow any vote on the park to take place. The world is watching and waiting for your next move. People of Turkey fight for your freedoms.

Prayer for 6/16/2013

     Father in Heaven, I ask you today to spread your love all over the world. Where there is an angry word may you be there to comfort both parties. Lord we put our trust and our faith into your hands. You guide us to all that we need. You are there in the good, as well as, the bad. Father our love is all we can give you and I hope that is enough. Father I say to you Happy Fathers Day from all of us down here.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Prayer for 6/15/2013

     The Lord works in mysterious ways. He gives us the food we eat. He gives us the shelter we need. He protects us from all that is evil. He is there for us 24/7. I have given Jesus Christ my life and he has given me all that I need. He does it all in his time though. He doesn't always jump when we want but he does deliver in the end. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.

Friday, June 14, 2013

United States To Arm Syrian Rebels

     President Obama says that the use of chemical weapons has forced the final decision for him to arm the Rebels. Rebel leaders have asked for anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. Looks like they will get them. Russia didn't help when they sold arms to Assad. Not only putting the Syrian Rebels at risk but also the Israelis.
     The region is a powder keg ready to blow. Assad has Hezbollah and Iranian militia at it's side. It's time the Rebels got some help. They have been carrying the fight against Assad as best they can.
      The United Nations has come out and estimated some 93,000 Syrians have perished in this 3 year old civil conflict.
     The United States still is pushing for an August round of peace talks with the Rebels, Syria, Russia, and the United States. More to come.

Prayer For Sandy Hook.

    Six months ago today so many young lives were taken. A madman walked into the school and started shooting. He didn't care for the young lives he was killing. He took the futures and happiness from a community that did not deserve to have their lives shaken up like this. I pray for all who passed away that sad day. I pray that this senseless tragedy never happen again. I pray as a Nation that we take seriously the threat that lies around the corner. We need better mental health treatment. We need laws that won't allow people with mental health problems to be allowed to have access to guns. We need to protect our children better. We need to just take a minute today and remember.     

Prayer for 6/14/2013

    Heavenly Father watch over all of us. We are sinners but we don't want to sin today. Lord we put our lives into your hands. We look forward to the day we are all together in your presence. Lord walk with us this day and all days. Shine your light upon us to show us the way. Lord I pray for all who read my prayer. May they find your love always. May they find peace in their hearts. Amen

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Turkish Prime Minister Offers Vote

   "Leave Gezi Park and I will allow a vote. That's what the protesters were offered yesterday. On the other hand you don't leave park, you answer to the police. What a tyrant this jerk is to his own people. This isn't really over a stupid park. This fight is about the rights and freedoms of the Turkish people.
    Yes, this erupted in the park, but it has come down to the Turkish people not having to give up their freedoms. Don't trust this guy. He is only trying to weasel out of this with little or no more confrontations. Fight back people don't follow the way of other Islamist states. You must fight sometimes to keep what you have. The United States is on your side or at least I am. 

Mandela Doing Better

    He is not out of the woods but he is on the mend. Nelson Mandela is doing better, hospital officials say . The 94 year old is responding to the medication they have been giving him. This news is a relief to the millions who were holding their breath over this weekend.
    His work is not done. He still has the heartbeat of a grateful nation. Forty-nine years ago yesterday Mandela was sentenced to life in prison, so I guess he is technically on his second life because he is still around and he is not in prison. Way to go Mr. President let your country know that you are still there for them.


     His name is Handover. He is a blackish grey lab. His owner is named James. They were homeless.
James lost his wife to cancer. The last gift she gave her husband was a puppy. She didn't want James to be alone. James was on the streets because he couldn't handle the medical bills. Handover went missing some time ago and James was able to tell the world through some TV stations here in the Tampa Bay area about his lost dog.
     Someone found the dog and returned it to James. You would think that this would be a great ending to a  story. Someone else saw the story and found James' daughter. James was reunited with his family and he is now living with them. He and Handover are off the streets. They are living in a home again.
     Handover became lost and both he and James were found. Cancer can turn someone's life upside down. Life can eventually heal all. We must have faith.

Prayer for 6/13/2013

     Thank you Lord. Simply put I thank you for all that you have done for me. I thank you for everything in the future you will do for me. I pray for all who are suffering from addictions. There can be so many people who are addicted to so many things. Lord they need your help. Amen

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Middle East Review.

    Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan meets with group of protesters. Nothing as of yet coming out of meeting. Protesters moving back into park is where all of this turmoil began. Government already waiting for them. Guess they didn't iron out their problems.
    Syrian civil war violence taken to Damascus streets. Two suicide bombers take out at least 14 people maybe more. U.S. trying to push allies into arming the Rebels. So far not much luck.
     A Taliban suicide bomber kills 17 people in Kabul. Man I really have to say any peace accords coming this way into that region are not coming soon enough. More to come.  

Prayer For 6/12/2013

     Lord I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior. I believe that you are always there for me. I believe in all that you have done for me. I believe in the ever lasting life. I believe that all who believe will be saved. I believe that our Lord is here for everyone. I believe in Peace. I believe in a planet with no war. I believe that everybody is capable of loving one another. I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe in the Individual. I believe in You.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flooding Everywhere

     It seems this spring everyone is having to deal with flooding. Even in Tampa Bay. Last week Tropical Storm Andrea dumped some 5 inches of rain and we had to deal with flooding. All over the United States there has been flooding. In Europe there has been flooding. Ladies and Gentlemen all over this planet we have been bothered by flooding this spring. Hope everyone is okay. Just wanted to say we, as well, have been flooded out. Stay Dry

Civil Unrest Intensifies In Turkey

     Civil unrest is continuing to lead the headlines in Turkey. It's funny, on one hand the government says it wants to talk with the leaders of the protesters but then they bring in riot police to stop the protests. Do not trust your government. They are speaking with a forked tongue. Good Luck.

Prayer for 6/11/2013

    My Lord my God you know how I hate to be in pain. Throwing my back out is not a cool thing Lord. So let's get it back to normal please. There are many pains in the world, physical, as well as spiritual. Help us with both today, my Lord. I put this into your hands. Amen.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Living With Cancer X

Living With Cancer X  - Follow this link to this article.

Living With Cancer IX

Living With Cancer IX - Please follow this link to this article.

Prayer for 6/10/2013

     The Lord watches over me and I shall not want. Lord I ask you this morning to take care all who read this prayer. Guide them, protect them, and care for them. Give them the food they eat. The shelter they need. Give them the love they need in their lives. See them through good, as well as, bad times. Lead them to your heavenly home when the time comes. Lord I put this in your hands. Amen

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thank You Philippines

    Just wanted to thank you for looking at my blog and my postings. I hope I can bring you more interesting postings. Looking forward to seeing you guys reading my writings. Thank You and  Take Care.

Thank You Japan

    I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for reading my blog and my posts. It means a great deal to me for you to be taking the time to view my writings. I hope I can continue to bring you interesting items to read in the future. Take care and have a nice day.

Thank You Italy

    I wish to thank you for reading my blog and my posts. It means a great deal to me and I appreciate it. I hope I can continue to bring you interesting stories for you to read in the future. Hope all is well with you. Take care.

Thank You Central America

    I just wanted to say thank you to all the Central American nations who have been reading my blog and my posts. It means a lot to me for you taking the time to read what I write. I hope I can continue to bring you interesting stories for you to take a look at. Take care.

Thank You Brazil

    I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been looking at my blog and reading my posts. I appreciate it very much. I enjoy the fact that we can communicate like this and get to know each other better. I hope I can bring you more interesting stories for you to read in the future. Take care.

Thank You Asian Nations

    I wish to thank you all for reading my blog and my posts. There has been such an outpouring of support from you all. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of you reading my 'stuff'. I hope I can continue to bring you more info and stories in the future. Please take care.

Thank You African Nations

    I just wanted to say thank you to all the nations of the African continent who have read my blog and my postings. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it. I hope I can continue to  bring interesting posts for you to read. Once again I thank you and please I hope you all are well.

Thank You Ireland

    Just wanted to say thank you for reading my blog and my posts. It really makes me feel good when I know that countries such as yours is taking an interests in what I'm writing about. I hope I can bring you more interesting posts in the future. Take Care.

Thank You Israel

     I just wanted to thank all of you from Israel who have taken the time to read my posts. I want you to know that the United States has your back and you should know it. Russia sending anti-aircraft missiles to Assad is a direct slap and you have every right to take them out. Look, just wanting to say thanks and hope  to be writing more for you in the future. Take Care.

Thank You India

   I just wanted to thank all of you for reading my blog. I must admit I didn't think that what I was writing would interest you, but I do appreciate your involvement. I look forward to more of you taking the time to read my posts in the future. I hope that between the two of us, my country and yours, maybe we can learn a little more about each others lives. Take Care.

Thank You China

    I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. I understand that there are occasions when I write things about our two countries that you may not agree with. I hope the two of us can put aside any of these differences and that we can learn from each other. I enjoy the rivalry between our countries as the two leading technological powers on this planet, but we must have trust between us. I thank you again for reading my 'stuff' and look forward to more interaction between myself and all of you. Take Care.

Syrian Rebels Are Pissed Off.

    Syrian Rebels have come out and said, that if they don't get more arms and aid from their backers, they are not going to go to Geneva for the talks being held later this summer. They are upset that Assad is getting arms from Iran and Russia, and that they are not receiving aid from the United States and Europe. The problem from America's point of view is that the rebel leadership is in disarray.
    Last week the Assad troops captured the town of Qusair. Giving the rebels a black eye. With the ever changing situation bringing a new headline daily all this is going to accomplish is a regional war. Rebels wake up and fight and quit your whining.

Turkish Protests

   Protesting in Turkey is now moving into its second week. This all started with Prime Minister Erdogan trying to force an authoritarian government onto his people. People were having a peaceful protest and the police came in with the tear gas and water cannons to break it up. Protesting has been going on daily in many Turkish cities ever since.
   The Prime Minister is trying to bring Religion into the government and the people want the two to be separate. They want their freedoms and they are willing to march for it. More to come, I'm sure.

China v United States

    Presidents Xi Jingping and Obama met over the weekend in an attempt to smooth over relations and come to terms on some topics.
    First on the agenda was the spying on China's part. Over the past several years China has been hacking into our government computers. The United States has done very little in retaliation to this. Usually we just say don't do it again and slap China's hand.
    North Korea was also one of the topics to be discussed and coming out of this conversation was the question 'Should North Korea not have nuclear arms'. Both countries agree talks should resume with all parties at the table.
   China and the United States both agree  that mutual trust between the countries should be something to work on. So it wasn't a 'ground breaker' of meetings, but some positive things were brought forth. So kudos to the two countries for meeting in California so they could work on their tans and take in a good movie.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Prayer For 6/09/2013

   Heavenly Father each day the Middle East becomes more and more a regional war rather than internal Syrian Civil War. People are dying and having to flee the lands of their birth. Lord I know we all don't want war in this region. Father I ask you today to bring some calm to the region.
   Lord Europe is right now facing floods in several areas. Help all to be able to survive this mother nature catastrophe.
   Father here in the States we have been having a hard time with Tornado's. Help all who are displaced to have some sort of normalcy soon. Lord we are hurting in many ways all across the globe. I ask today to help all in need.

Hezbollah Shiite Aid Infuriates Sunni Arabs

    Hezbollah out of Lebanon has infuriated Sunni's all across the Middle East. Many clerics are calling for a Jihad  against the Shiite. In Lebanon alone this is turning into a civil war between the two sides. Let alone the fact that in Syria the Sunni's are wanting the Assad regime to fall.
    Clerics are not going to let this aid continue without some sort of violence. We are looking at a regional conflict growing day by day. Each day new turns occur in this once Syrian Civil War.

Night Stalker Dies in Prison

    Richard Ramirez aka The Night Stalker died of liver failure in prison. Never making it to the execution he so justly deserved. Ramirez was convicted of 13 murders in the 1980's. Ramirez was noted for shooting victims in the head or cutting their throats . Raping some of the females and burglarizing the homes afterward. He also enjoyed doing all this at night thus the Night Stalker.
    Ramirez was finally caught  when he tried a carjacking in an upper blue collar neighborhood and got his butt beat. This guy was into Satan worship and really put California on edge for several years. Shame though, he really deserved a seriously gruesome execution.  

Nelson Mandela Hospitalized

      Nelson Mandela was hospitalized with a lung infection. His condition is stable at this time but is being watched closely. At just 5 weeks shy of his 95th birthday, the ex President of South Africa has been in and out of hospitals the last couple of years. The man who brought down Apartheid and freed much of South Africa is loved world wide. Our prayers go out to all his family and countrymen. Keep the faith.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Russian Navy To Stay in Syria.

    It was reported yesterday that Russian President Putin says that the Russian Navy will stay positioned off the Syrian coast. They have a naval base at the port of Tartus. The only problem is that it is falling apart like everything else Russian. For years their navy has been mothballed, cleaned up, and mothballed again. Russian cannot afford to run its own navy. With the civil war in Syria going into it's third year Russia feels it has interests in Syria and will try to maintain a small fleet in the Mediterranean.
     Russia speaks with a fork tongued approach to the Syrian conflict. On one hand it calls for talks and on the other hand it provides missiles and the navy to Syria's President Assad. Can't have it both ways Russia.
     The United States also wants to have talks in the later part of summer but I don't see this happening. More to come.   

We The People

    It doesn't read we the few. So why is the American government basically spying on it's own people. I understand where some might feel that this is the way to fight terrorism but enough is enough. When my own government is violating our privacy then someone or something has to change. When our own President states that it is for the good of all, then I say Bullshit. The idea that Verizon is giving the records of millions of people to the government so they can use it against us then this must stop.
    This country was formed on the belief of freedom, well once you take away those freedoms what do we have left, nothing. That's what we have nothing.
     Well Verizon will never get my business again. As for Facebook giving up our postings who cares. I don't put anything on it that I'm worried about. This is something that all Americans should be outraged about. Our freedoms are being invaded. We must stop this nonsense.

Prayer 6/08/2013

     Lord thank you for such a wonderful school year. Thank You for summer though. Father watch over the children this summer. Father I pray that all children can be educated. They are our future and our dreams. May they not make the mistakes that we have . May they lead this world to better dreams and aspirations. I put this and all things into your hands.  

Prayer for 6/07/2013

     Heavenly Father thank you for all the rain and very little damage from Tropical Storm Andrea. I want to thank you for a very good school year. Father I pray to you today for all my children. May they have a wonderful summer. May their parents not lose their patience with them. May all my teacher friends have a beautiful break and may we all come back next year healthy and ready for another school year. Amen.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Schools Out For Summer

     Tomorrow marks the end of the school year here in good ole Tampa Bay. We are going to have that end of the year party. Cookies, cupcakes, and soda sends them home all primed and ready for Mommy and Daddy. The class is 3rd grade and the kids are great. I've watched some of them grow up from kindergarten.
    I always miss them at first but then it's like you get in your summer groove. You don't think of them during July, but then August comes around and you begin to wonder how they are and how their summer went.
    I guess I've become some sort of teacher after these 13 years. That or I've become some sort of sucker for wanting to do this job. Oh well either way tomorrow is the beginning of summer here in Tampa Bay.

Tropical Storm Andrea

     Here in Tampa Bay we have tornado activity and heavy rain. Wind is not that bad, but flooding is a good possibility. We are expecting about 8 inches of rain. Just another day in paradise.

Prayer for 6/06/2013

     Lord we have the Tropical Storm Andrea coming through Tampa today. We have tornado action this morning. So far they have not cancelled  school today. I ask you to watch out for all of the children who will be coming to school today. Help all who will be out on the roads. Help all in this area today. Amen

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Prayer 6/05/2013

     Lord I thank each and every day. three days of the school year are here. I have 3rd  grade and there are going to be times when they will get out of hand. Give me patience to overcome everything. The kids are cool and I'm looking forward to this class. Lord I pray for these children over the summer. Keep them in good health and spirit. I put this in your hands. Amen

Who Is Amanda Bynes?

     And why should I care?

IRS Screws Taxpayer

     The Internal Revenue Service has taken the money that taxpayers have given in good trust and wasted it. Now what's funny is they didn't keep the receipts. That's right they didn't keep all the receipts. Now they tell us always keep your receipts or we can maybe put you in jail for trying to screw the government. OK so who can we put in jail from the IRS.
    This scandal is going to be pushed under the table and we will never know what happened to that 49 million in seminars. God it must be nice to screw the citizens of your country and laugh about it.   

Syrian Violence

     France has come out and said that Sarin gas has been used in the civil war against the Rebels. The U.N. has stated that torture, kidnapping, massacres, and forms of extreme violence has been committed by both sides. OK, so when does it stop. Putin rationalizes that by selling Syria the missiles that he is helping save lives. So when does it end.
     There are to many players in this civil war and if it doesn't end soon  we will have regional war. The United States wants to have talks at the end of the summer and I feels that by the time it gets to that point it won't matter. Iran is waiting in the wings to pounce on someone. Israel doesn't care, it will just attack all those missiles that Russia is sending over. Sooner or later someone has to come to their senses and stop this 3 year civil war.

Jill Kelley Snob In Her Own Mind

    Jill Kelley whose tip to the FBI concerning CIA director David Petraeus and his extra marital affair is suing the federal government. In the lawsuit she states that the government violated her and her husbands privacy.
    First off this woman is no socialite in this city. She is a joke and a legend in her own mind. She was not born and raised in Tampa and no one wants her here. She does this every so often where she has to be in the news but then she cries foul when something doesn't go her way.
    Would someone please take her off our hands. We don't want her in this city. Please.

Prayer for 6/04/2013

Heavenly Father you are my savior. You have led me from sin and brought into the light. I praise you each and every day. I thank you for all you have done for me. Father I ask you to come into the lives of all who are reading this simple prayer. I hope and pray you can do for them all that you have done for me. Lord I put this into your hands. Amen 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Theme Parks

   What are we doing here? Today Disney announced that it will raise the price of a single day ticket to 95 dollars. Have they lost their freaking minds. I remember when I was a teenager here in Tampa and we would skip school and go to Disney and it was only 5 dollars to enter and stay for the day .
    It is not just Disney but all of the theme parks in Orlando that are outrageously priced. I as a Floridian and an American will not pay this price to go to a theme park.
    When the Theme Parks can lower their prices so all people can go, and enjoy then I will change my mind. Until then I call for a boycott on all Disney products world wide.

Thank You United States.

    I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I must admit for only being up for just a little over two months I am truly amazed at the response I have received. It warms my heart to know that so many Americans have taken the time to read what I write. I was born and raised in Tampa and have always been a proud American.
   I feel as a nation we have to look at this world of ours as being a whole little closer than it was when I was growing up. We didn't have the Internet and all this technology. What I am happy and proud of is that we have learned how to grow as a country with all this technology. We need to continue to grow and become more aware of technology that is coming. We are taking this to areas that we are not aware of or at least not yet.
    I once again thank you for all you have done to help me grow in this new venture and I wish the best in all that you do. Take care.

Thank You France

     I just wanted to say thank you all for reading my blog. It really makes me feel good to know that so many of you in France have taken the time to stop for a minute to read what I have to say. I have been to your country but it has been many years ago. I want to say though I did have a very good time. Hey if you are ever in the Tampa Bay area come and enjoy our beaches and all we have to offer. Once again I just want to say Thank You and hope all is well.

Thank You Netherlands.

    Hey guys just wanted to thank all of you for reading my blog. I hope I have represented my country to you in a way that helps us to understand each other. I have been to your country many years ago but I loved all I saw. I was an 8 year old boy with my parents and enjoyed all that I experienced. The food was great and the herring was excellent.
    Unfortunately, we were on a tour but we still saw many areas of your country. I just wanted to say Hi and let you know that if you are in the Tampa Bay area come and enjoy our beaches and all we have to offer. Once again Thanks and take care.

Thank You Australia

     I just wanted to drop a note to thank all my readers in Australia. It means a lot to me that many of you down under are taking the time to read what I'm printing. I hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that if you are ever in the Tampa Bay area give a yell and I can tell you of some great places to get steak and seafood at fair prices. Come and enjoy our beaches. Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that it means a lot to me for all you have done. Take Care. 

Thank You United Kingdom

      It's been many years since I walked your shores. I'm writing this thank you to all who have been reading my blog. I want you to know I really do appreciate it. I want you to know that even if you may disagree with me, I still am grateful that you're just taking a look.
     I want you to know I was horrified to see the attack on the soldier. I think the world we live in just doesn't make sense sometimes. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Just want to say the beaches are beautiful right now with the beginning of summer. Hope you all can come for a visit and enjoy what we have to offer. Take care and God bless.  

Thank You Germany

     I just wanted to say thank you to all in Germany who have been reading my blog. I appreciate all that you have done for me. My family came from the Hamburg area to the United States back in the 1860's. I hope all are well as I saw on the news of the flooding in your country.
     I want you all to know that you are very welcome to come stay in the Tampa Bay area and enjoy all we have to offer. Look forward to seeing you. Have a great day!

The Undiscovered Country

    It doesn't exist. It has not been created. A place where all men and women are equal. Where all nationalities can live together. Where all religions are recognized and accepted. Where all beliefs can be heard.
    This fictional place will never happen because people can't let it happen. We fear all that we don't know. We fear all who say the things that we don't want to hear. We close our eyes because we don't want to see what we don't understand.
    One day I hope to know of such a place where all people can live together. Where we can grow as a species to become the Human beings that I know we are. Maybe one day we can all call ourselves brothers.

Thank You Russian Comrades.

     My name is Christopher Granger and I want to thank all of you in Russia who have been reading my blog. When I first started writing this blog some two months ago I had no idea that I would receive such a reception from your country. You know whether you agree or disagree with me is regardless. The point is that we are reading each other and maybe coming to a better understanding of our countries.
    The difference between you and I is very simple, it's Governments. We are two peoples divided by Governments. I say to you this day thank you for reading what I have to say. I hope you all have a great day!   

To My Canadian Friends.

    Just a note letting you know the beaches of St. Pete are calling you to come visit. I love Canada, when I was a child my parents took me to Expo 67 in Montreal. Man was that a blast. We also went o Prince Edward Island and for the first time I had Lobster. I have been eating it ever since.
    I want you guys to know I thank you for reading my blog. I enjoy posting my little words about what is going on in the world. I hope you can take a vacation down to my area of Tampa Bay and I look forward to seeing you. Have a great day!

A Simple Message To Cuba.

    Welcome to my blog. I saw this morning that someone in Cuba read my postings. I want to thank you and welcome you. I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and have met over my 52 years many who were born in Cuba. I want to tell you that they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I had a teacher in High School who was Cuba and he taught Spanish in my sophomore year. He used to tell us stories of when he was growing up.
    I want to say to you that I wish our 2 countries had better relations and I hope one day that we can travel freely between the two. Once again thank you for reading my blog and I hope you will enjoy some of my postings in the future. Have a great day!.

Congress Comes Back From Recess

    Yay, Congress is coming back to work. Most of us are saying, have they done anything to deserve a recess. Congress is saying that they will have Immigration Reform by July Fourth. Yeah Right. This Congress is also going to seriously investigate the Internal Revenue Service for all its misdeeds. Can we say that once again Congress is going to do nothing except receive a paycheck. God Bless America and all its Idiots in Congress.  God Help Us.

Unrest In Turkey

    Protesters were attacked by government forces over the protest of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip and his instituting of authoritarian Islamist rule. For the past half century, Turkey has been open to all forms of religion. Protesters feel as though the Prime Minister is becoming a Sultan or a form of Dictator and they don't like it. They feel that under Islamist rule their freedoms will be taken away from them.
    The Prime Minister has been good for Turkey on the global scale but at home he is looked upon very badly. Unfortunately, this is just another country going through a period of forced religious rule and since they have felt the spirit of freedom are not taking it very well. Sure hope this is not another civil war in this area of the world.

Syrian Forces Gain Ground

     Thanks to technology from Iran and Russia, Syria is gaining on the Rebels in this 3 year old civil war. Iran has been supplying surveillance drones and anti-mortar systems to the Assad Regime. Russia has been supplying antiaircraft missiles. I was wondering when we were going to hear from Iran and now we have. I knew Iran couldn't stay to long in the background.
     On the Rebel side, over the weekend, we have them fighting Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Syrian Government has been on the offensive since mid spring. Thus making this an explosive area of the world.
     Talks scheduled for late summer don't seem very likely to be held. Syria with its renewed strength won't likely feel the need for such talks.

Prayer for 6/03/2013

     Lord this is the last week of the school year. I pray for all my kids that I have come in contact with through my job. Father as a substitute teacher, I do come into contact with many children. They are all so precious. Help them this summer. I pray for their parents who now have the kids back home. Lord may it be a great summer for all. I look forward to seeing all of them again next year. Father, I put this into your hands. Amen.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Party Time For The IRS.

     Well, it seems the Internal Revenue Service has once again opened itself up to some more scrutiny. On Tuesday an audit will be released and it will reveal that about 49 million was spent on some 220 conferences. Now this doesn't mean all that much except that during said conferences the attendees would watch two parody videos that cost 60,000 dollars to make. Am I wrong here or has  the IRS gone insane.  More to come as our taxpayers hard earned money is wasted by a bunch of drunken idiots.

Syrian Missile's Hit Lebanon.

    Around 16 missiles hit a Hezbollah stronghold inside Lebanon on Saturday. Answering questions as to what the Syrian Rebels would do in retaliation to the news of Hezbollah joining Syria's Assad. No word on casualties'.
    There is no word as to the fighting between Shiites and Sunnis factions inside Lebanon  Thus bringing even more destabilization to Lebanon. This once internal Syrian conflict is now broadening it's scope to include the whole region.

The Legend Of Edith Bunker.

      Jean Stapleton has passed away at age 90.  She played the enjoyable Dingbat Edith Bunker on TVs "All in the Family". Ms. Stapleton was an accomplished stage and screen actress before taking on Archie Bunker. As Edith, she would have her hands full with Archie, her daughter Gloria, and Gloria's husband Meathead Michael.
     Saturday night in the 1970's was All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore, and others. Ms. Stapleton thank you for making me laugh. Your show was one of the few my family and I would sit down and watch together. Thank's to all "Those were the Days" memories.  


     Lord you are my shepherd. You are my guiding light. Father I bless you this day and all days. You have brought me to this time in my life and I find it oh so peaceful. I don't have to worry about everything. I thank you each and every day. Lord I wish to bless all who read this simple prayer and let them know what it means to be at peace. Amen

Saturday, June 1, 2013


     You know it's funny, I can get up from this computer and simply walk outside. I can travel anywhere in this country. I can travel worldwide if I so choose. Does that make me free? To some people yes that would make them free, since they cannot travel freely.
     For some people , the more money they have makes them free. Freedom is what you want it to be. Should everyone have the same rights? Yes I do believe that  people should be able to do almost anything that they want to. I mean there are certain beliefs that everyone should be able to follow. I hate the idea that there are people who cannot do something because their government won't allow them. I hope that maybe someday all countries could get along and not cut off their citizens from the outside world. It's a nice dream.

Getting Older

     It's funny I look in the mirror and see myself as I have always been. The young athlete who played 5 sports and played them well. The guy who could get any girl, well most girls he wanted. Unfortunately I also see the gray in the beard and the lines on the face that weren't there before. I feel the bones creek as I get up and move around. The 3 or 4 times a night to get up and go to the bathroom. These are all the signs of a person getting older.
    Hell, when I had that heart problem some 2 years ago I thought it might be time to go, but I survived. I found exercise in the Gulf of Mexico. I lost some 55 pounds last summer. Yeah, I'm getting ready for the swimming again this summer. I'm looking at loosing another 55 pounds.
    I can't say I'm unhappy that I'm getting older. I can say that I have enjoyed a truly remarkable life on this planet. What's neat is there is still so much to do. Oh don't get me wrong I don't have some sort of bucket list that I must accomplish before I die. I just want to enjoy the rest of my life on my own terms. I lived the way others wanted me to live for the last couple of decades. I finally went to college and graduated with 3 degrees. I became a teacher and have been doing it now for some 13 years. I never got married but that doesn't seem to bother me so much. I mean women do nag a bit. I enjoy keeping company with women but it is always nice to be able to go home and close the door and enjoy one's privacy.
     I don't miss all the late nights out partying. I enjoy sitting back with a nice beer and listen to some Pink Floyd from time to time. You know getting older isn't so bad, especially when you have paid your dues and you can tell people to go pound sand. Hey, a few gray hairs aren't so bad after all. It gives one's beard some distinction. Have a great day!     

Movie Review: Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm Bodies (2013) - Follow this link to read this review.

DVD Review; Wilfred, The Complete Original Series.

    This DVD set is of the Australian version of the FX series Wilfred. The jokes are funny and totally unbelievable coming from the foul mouthed mongrel.
    Sarah and her dog live a comfortable life. Sarah meets Adam at a rock concert and invites him back home. Adam cannot believe his luck as Sarah is totally hot. Adam is on cloud nine until when he walks through the door of Sarah's house and sees a man in a dog suit. Now everyone else sees Wilfred as a dog but not Adam.
     It is now up to Wilfred to make Adam's life miserable in an attempt to get him away from Sarah. This is where the fun begins.
    The show Is hysterically funny but you must be able to catch the vernacular of the Australian Language. At times the jokes can go right over your head. The cool thing is I've been watching British and Australian comedy shows for decades. It is a definite must see. Enjoy. 

United States To Withhold Aid

      The United States came out yesterday and said it will hold aid promised to the Syrian Opposition Coalition. The coalition it seems has been in disarray for some time and the U.S. feels that the money will not get to the people that it was promised to. The Opposition came out yesterday and stated that it will not send a representative to the U.S. and Russian peace talks in Geneva later this Summer.
     The United States has said that they have not given up on the Syrian  Coalition. They just want to give them a little time to get their act together.
     Secretary of State John Kerry came out and said how disappointed he was with the Russians and their attempt to undermine the talks with their arms sales of antiaircraft missiles to the Syrian Government. Once again this conflict changes on a daily basis. More to come.

Prayer for 6/01/2013

     Lord the year is flying by very quickly. We have come again to another summer. This is the first day of hurricane season. Lord help us in Tampa Bay to survive another year of no storms. I've lived through many a hurricane and we don't need any hitting here right now. For anyone who gets hit with a storm this year may they recover very soon. I put this in your hands my Lord.