Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Turkish Protest Goes Silent

    Seeing that they are getting nowhere trying to get back into Gezi Park protesters are just stopping in the streets and going silent. No movement. No talking. Silence is golden can go on for hours.
    Prime Minister Erdogan has said he is trying to give more powers to police in this new form of demonstration. He will crack down on all this rift raft. How dare they speak up against my government. Erdogan is trying to narrow his forces and take control of all government.
    Countries across the planet are calling for Erdogan to step down from power, and that his use of tear gas and water cannons has been an over use of power. There is even talk of calling in the Army to confront these people.
     People of Turkey do not give in. Fight for your freedoms and rights. Never give in. The world is behind you.