Wednesday, June 19, 2013

G 8 Summit Wrapup.

     Did they do what they were supposed to? I don't think so. Did our leaders settle the global economic  problems, not in two days. They couldn't even come to terms about Syria and it's regional conflict. I wanted to say civil war but we all know it has become larger. They really didn't come to terms on anything of importance.
     So are these meetings worth it? I mean our leaders can't get together and settle the World's problems in a couple of days. There is too much for them to go over and this truly needs to be put together in a better way. They need more time to be able sit down and discuss what is going wrong. Putin and Obama didn't settle anything and Putin looked bored. They did decide that Assad is to stay in power if they were to have hope of talks later in the summer concerning Syria. I hope they can get together and talk again soon.
     To the Russian people President Putin is a man going through personal problems and I hope his divorce can go smoothly. I made fun of Putin in these postings because I wish he would laugh more. In all the photos we see of your President he is never laughing. I do wish him well in the months to come. I hope the G 8 will meet again soon. There is so much we need to do.