Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

     Nik Wallenda had dreamed of this day for a very long time. He wanted to cross the Grand Canyon on a tight rope wire. The distance of 1400 ft. was all he had to do to accomplish a dream While crossing the canyon you could hear him praying to Jesus Christ. You could see him walking across and the winds were really whipping up at a good speed.
    The area he crossed is part of the Navajo Nation. After he accomplished his task the leaders of the Nation gave him some gifts. He lives in Sarasota Florida and he has been practicing here prior to the walk. He was able to use Tropical Storm Andrea to capture some of the feel of the winds.
     It took 22:54 to cross the Canyon, he is the first to do it. He is an amazing man and God was truly with him this day. All of us in Florida are very proud of our native son. Way to go Nik.