Friday, June 28, 2013

Brazilian Protesters Anger Police

    Protesters have been closing in on the stadiums where the prelims for the next World Cup are being played. Why, because that's where the cameras are. Police have put up security areas where protesters are supposed to stay behind. This, of course, means nothing to a crowd of people who have nothing to lose.
    People in Brazil have been up in arms for a couple of weeks now. They are upset with the corrupt government, the lack of  proper health care, rundown school systems, and truthfully inadequate transit systems. Look these people, some of whom are living in cardboard boxes, just want some help and they don't get it from their government.
 The government is spending billions on the World Cup and the Olympics in three years, but the people are starving. Unfortunately this has been going on for some time now. It's just been boiling over little by little till now it's time to bitch.
    President Rousseff was on TV last week talking of reforms and she has been meeting with groups and unions ever since. She is supposed to address the Congress next Monday on what reforms she wants to try to put in place. I hope the people can wait to hear what she has to say. If she doesn't come through for the people there could be bloodshed coming and not just the tear gas that has been used so far.