Friday, June 21, 2013

Protesting In Brazil

    This started because the government wanted to raise fairs on mass transit. Well the government caved and said they wouldn't raise fairs. People said that's nice but we have more gripes. We are tired of the corruption in government. We are tired of our taxes going into the pockets of the politicians. We need better human services and we want them now.
    For most Brazilians this has been along time coming. You are not talking of small demonstrations we are talking of millions across the country coming out and voicing their opinions. You know Brazil gets the World Cup and the Olympics and you know these organizations do lengthy background checks on the countries so why didn't they see this coming. Why didn't they know that people are going without. This country needs these events but not when it hurts its own people. Brazil is noted for its slums. Brazil, it's time to take care of your own and I don't mean by violence. Wake up or you in government may be out of a job soon. Good Luck People.