Thursday, June 20, 2013

Obama Calls for Nuclear Arms Reduction Talks

     In Berlin yesterday President Obama spoke to a crowd outside the Brandenburg Gate requesting that he and President Putin sit down and talk about trimming our nuclear arsenals.  Now here is where our problem begins. We have sat down for the last 40 years with the Russians and tried to trim the weapons down. In the past  they were called salt 1 and salt 2. In later years they were called lets just get rid of the nuclear arms.
    Look it cost too much for both of our countries to maintain them. It would make sense to just destroy them. We are not stupid enough to launch them. We are not in the Cold War anymore. Come on can't we all finally get rid of this stuff  and just live in peace. I call on all Russian citizens to push for this and lets get rid of the arms and drink some Vodka. I'll call you comrade if you call me friend. Please!