Wednesday, June 19, 2013

G 8 Summit Update 3

     For most of the Summit the subject of Syria and its civil war was the topic of conversation. Most of the members walked on eggshells because Putin doesn't want Assad to be ousted. Most of Europe and President Obama want Assad out as leader of Syria.
    As for the economic side of the summit, President Obama kept wanting to push Europe into promoting jobs and growth rather than budget cuts. In other words, they agreed to not disagree on most subjects.
     On the social side of the Summit, President Putin was all over the place. I guess once he got rid of the old lady, he has shown the world what a party animal he really is. He even wants to put off the Syrian Peace Talks until August or September so Syria's Assad can get together more hash for the talks.
     What a guy. Well it's been a beautiful summit and we all look forward to more talks next year. So long from Ireland.