Friday, June 28, 2013

China And South Korea Gang Up ON North Korea

    China and South Korea cannot have a nuclear North Korea and have come out said so together. This is different as China has finally had enough of North Korea and its stupidity. This is not saying that China is giving up on its ally but it is very uncomfortable with North Korea's last nuclear test this past spring. China is talking of sanctions or increasing the one's already on North Korea and maybe denying  access to North Korean bank accounts.
     So far the United States is mum on the meeting between the countries but anything that can be done will help. North Korea was to have talks with South Korea but couldn't agree on who would be coming to the talks. North Korea has requested to have talks with the United States but have not finalized any details.
     North Korea and its kid leader are going to feel some pressure now that China has stepped in. Maybe we can finally put this on the back burner and get everybody together. It would be nice if North Korea could play fairly with its neighbors and be nice for a change.