Monday, June 17, 2013

United States Welfare System

    What a freaking joke. The U.S. welfare system is nothing but corrupt. From people who get on it and abuse it . To the politicians who allow it, to those who really could use it and never get it,  it is a joke. The food stamp system is full of people who barter it away for beer and cigarettes.
     I remember a 60 minute segment on the welfare system and this big fat ugly lady saying "I'm going to have another kid and no government is going to tell me no. It's my God given right to have another kid, so I can get another 167.00 a month".
    In the 1930's welfare really came into it's own, and it was needed. Now 80 years later we have generations of Americans who have lived on it all their life and have no intention of ever going out and getting a job.
   The United States needs jobs. Sorry world but we need to feed our people first and get them off the free ride. We will help the world but first we have to help ourselves. People go get a job, any job, but help us all out. Get off welfare.