Sunday, June 23, 2013

Turkish Leader Plays Blame Game

     Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is blaming International Media for all his troubles. Now he is blaming the International Media for Brazil's troubles. So let me get this straight Mr. Prime Minister, it was the International Media who fired tear gas and water cannons on your people when they were protesting a very nice park that you wanted to turn into something concrete.It was the International Media who went into peoples homes and arrested them on trumped up charges.
     Mr. Prime Minister you really should look into the mirror and see who is the guilty party here. Don't blame anybody else for your stupidity. Your kidding right, you pompous jackass. There has been freedoms in your country for over 90 years that you are trying to take away. Mr. Prime Minister I hope your countrymen finally see you for the despot that you are. People of Turkey rise up for you have nothing to lose but your cookies. Good Luck .