Wednesday, June 19, 2013


       Sox is the name of my cat. She is my friend. She is my little girl. She is my pain in the neck. She is my baby. She was given to me by my nieces and nephew as a birthday gift some 9 plus years ago. We have only been separated one night in all that time. It took a small heart attack to make that happen.
       Sox likes to sleep next to me at night. She will back herself into my chest and she will stay there until morning. She will make sure that I don't oversleep. Years ago she would go into the bathroom and flush the toilet to wake me up. First time she did this she almost got her head blown off, sinceI thought she was an intruder. She did this for about a year until she broke me into getting up and feeding her around 4 am. What's really wrong is that she goes back to bed afterward and I'm stuck staying up. It's not fair.
      Over the years I have told my stories of Sox to all the kids I have taught. Funny thing is, when the kids come back for a visit and ask me about her it's nice to know they remember.  She loves to play fetch with balled up pieces of paper.
      She is quite the character and right now she is sound asleep waiting for me to come to bed.  Well I guess it's time to hit the sack. She will be getting me up soon for breakfast. What a cat!.