Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Russia Says No To The United States

    Russian President Putin came out yesterday and stated that Russia would not bow to the request by the United States for the extradition of Edward Snowden. Snowden as you all know is the young man who leaked all the NSA material here in the United States. He's the man who first went to Hong Kong and communicated with China about who knows what.  Now he's the man who is staying at a hotel at the Moscow airport. He was supposed to be heading to Ecuador but is now staying in Moscow and will probably converse with Putin about God knows what.
    President Putin saying no to the United States is just another reason why I don't think anything solid will come from Syrian talks later this summer. This just proves that Putin and Obama do not get along. This just proves that this is personal. Putin is out to destroy any possibility of the two countries ever agreeing on anything.  Putin is going through his change of life and is taking it out on everyone.
    He is divorcing his wife. He goes mountain climbing and other sports activities that are usually for the younger crowd. What's next Mr. President a red sports car.
    Mr. Putin don't make this personal between the United States and Russia. Don't take us back to the cold war again. We've been there and you lost.
    As far as the Snowden affair, keep him. He's a dead man if you let him come back to the United States. Any secrets he may have are already past due. ,