Sunday, June 23, 2013

Medical Marijuana In Florida

    The 2014 Gubernatorial race in Florida may have some interesting items to vote on. One will probably be a vote for or against Medical Marijuana in the state of Florida.
    Now lets look at this seriously for a minute, Marijuana has been noted for helping nausea and other symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation treatments dealing with cancer. It has been noted for the easing of pain in those people who can not take pills.
    We are not saying that this drug will be allowed to be bought at the local 7-11. What is being talked about is that people who can benefit from this herb would be legally allowed to take it.
    My Mother had cancer and died from it. I tried to talk her into smoking some of it when I was smoking but because of the stigma of being illegal she would not touch it. Speaking from someone who had to clean up her vomit after chemo, I think it might have helped.  Right now to get passed as an amendment to the Florida Constitution it would need  60% of the yes vote to pass. At this point, it looks like it could pass. All I'm asking is consider it.