Friday, June 14, 2013

United States To Arm Syrian Rebels

     President Obama says that the use of chemical weapons has forced the final decision for him to arm the Rebels. Rebel leaders have asked for anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. Looks like they will get them. Russia didn't help when they sold arms to Assad. Not only putting the Syrian Rebels at risk but also the Israelis.
     The region is a powder keg ready to blow. Assad has Hezbollah and Iranian militia at it's side. It's time the Rebels got some help. They have been carrying the fight against Assad as best they can.
      The United Nations has come out and estimated some 93,000 Syrians have perished in this 3 year old civil conflict.
     The United States still is pushing for an August round of peace talks with the Rebels, Syria, Russia, and the United States. More to come.