Friday, May 31, 2013

Saying Goodbye To the St. Pete Pier

    Now across the bay in St. Pete, Florida stands a pier we nicknamed 'The Pyramid'. For you see on the end of this pier is an upside down building in the shape of a pyramid. It has stood for 40 plus years, but now they want to replace it. Like everything else they feel we need something different.
    Yes the pier has structural damage and does need repair, but most feel it would be easier to tear down and rebuild. I have fished off this pier and it has a nice restaurant, The Columbia, but it is all the way over in St. Pete and I do have closer piers. But it is a shame to see it go. It has been a landmark for so long.
    The replacement to 'The Pyramid' is to be called 'The Lens'. I don't know why, it doesn't  look like a lens. It is modernization, so who knows.
    After eleven pm tonight we will not be allowed back on the pier until the new one is complete. So to 'The Pyramid' I say goodbye and thank you for all the years of pleasure you brought to so many.

Syrian Update

     Syrian President Assad is stating, that if the American-Russian talks, slated to convene this summer in Geneva, are held, he will be in attendance as the Syrian head of State. Big words coming from a man who also say's that he is winning the war against the Rebels.
     Assad also calls the statement made by the Hezbollah leader that 'they will help the Syrian government till the end' but a drop in the ocean. Basically meaning that any help from Hezbollah has been limited in force.
    I must say this day to day change on this Syrian Conflict is funnier than all get out. It makes one wonder if this war is nothing more than who gets the best headline each day. We will see what comes out today or in the morning. More to come. 

Woolly Mammoth Yields Blood

     Russian Scientists working in the Arctic Circle have discovered a Woolly Mammoth Carcass that has yielded blood that was not frozen. This leads to speculation in some circles that we may be ability to clone the Mammoth.
     What makes this extraordinary is that these creatures died off some 10,000 years ago.Scientists believe that if living cells can be found in the blood, then the impossible can be done. Still one question remains. If this is possible then whats next. Where will the creature stay. It can never be left in the wild. You know sometimes the idea of playing God just makes me a little nervous. They'll be more to come on this subject.

National Brand Of Marijuana

    A former Microsoft manager Jamen Shively has come out and said that he and his group of marijuana growers are wanting to come up with A National  Brand of Pot. The growing and distribution would take place at his establishments in Washington State.
    Former Mexican President Vicente Fox took a guided tour of Shiveley's farm where the pot is to be grown. He has applauded Shively's efforts in the growing and distribution of cannabis on the west coast.
    Well, I guess, if one of the major players in the anti-drug war can say that his country has been torn apart by the drug war and then turn around and say well done to an American Businessman for growing legal pot, then I guess it's time we looked at the legalization of pot nationally. High Times are a coming. 


     Here in Tampa Bay, graduations are taking place day and night. Seniors from some 30 high schools in Hillsborough County are walking down the aisle to pick up their sheepskins. Surrounding counties are all doing the same thing. It's going on all over the country. In every town, city, and state there are graduates galore.
     Most are going to college or at least Junior college to further their education. Some are just happy they are getting out of school. Many don't have jobs or know what they are doing next. Some are going into the military. Dreams and futures are now in their hands.
     Oh, to be young again and do it all over. Yeah right. It was a bitch the first time. Good Luck Kids it's a big world out there.   

Prayer for 5/31/2013

     Lord I pray to you this morning for all those who are without. May you enter their lives and give them the comforts they need. Lord I pray to you for the cold I have caught. Help me to get over it soon. Thank you for getting us to Friday. May all who read this simple prayer have a great weekend. I send my peace and love to you all. May you put God into your life this and every day. Amen   

Thursday, May 30, 2013

End Of The School Year.

     The tests are all done. The kids know it, the teachers know it, and the parents know.  The children are coming home for Summer. We are all just going through the motions to get to the end of the year next week. You play games that make them think but they don't really know it. They just know it's a game. The cafeteria has stopped making anything edible. All they are interested in is to clean out the refrigerators.
    The classrooms are getting packed up so the maintenance men can come in and paint the rooms for next year. The boys and girls are already thinking ahead to waking up later and playing to all hours. The teachers are thinking of laying out on the beach, getting a suntan, playing with their own children, and making up for lost time.
   Summer vacation is a time to rest and relax and get ready for another year. You know it's funny by the time August roles around everyone is getting back into that mindset of school. Well, after all, we are teachers. God Bless Summer. See y'all next year.   

I Wish It Was Christmas Today

    Here in Tampa, Florida, we have already had days in the 90's. Last week we had a high of 94 and it's still May. I used to love the Summertime when I was a kid but no more. Give me a Florida winter and I'm happy.
    In December our highs are in the low 70's. Christmas time though is my favorite time of year. I go to the malls to watch everybody spend all their money and carry all these packages around. I sit and drink a Christmas coffee from Starbucks.
    I love all the Christmas shows, Charlie Brown, Rudolph, Frosty, and you can't forget the Grinch. I love the lights all over the city. Everybody seems happier and easy to get along with. Summertime everybody is hot and bothered.
    I love my Christmas Tree, it's fake but it does turn out to be a good looking tree. I've had it now for 22 years. I love the food at Christmas, the hams and turkeys. The food at Christmas just has so much more to its flavor.
    You know it's funny when I was a kid the gifts meant more to me than anything else. Not anymore, I really just enjoy all the extras. I really do wish it was Christmas. Only 6 months to go. Merry Christmas!       

Child Abuse

    In today's society all you hear about is what adults males and females are doing to children. The abuse that is being carried out on young children is unbelievable. Female teachers taking 14 year old boys to bed to have sex. Forty year old men taking teenage girls and raping them. This form of behavior cannot be tolerated anymore.
    Children do not have the ability to say yes or no to an adult in these situations. We have told our children you must mind adults but then we tell them of the 'bad people'. Most children cannot understand this duality. Which one is right or wrong. Their brains want to do the right things but then they become afraid.
     The people who are stalking and hurting our children are sick and need to be institutionalized. They need medical help. As a teacher I have seen physical abuse on a child. I saw the marks left by a father on the back of the boy.
     The worst of all this is the mental issues it leaves the child. It takes years for a child to learn to handle what happened to them. I hope and pray that the individuals who hurt these children will get the help they need and for our children never to have to deal with physical or mental abuse at the hands of an adult.

Pope Francis

     You really have to love this guy. In pouring rain and not in the covered Pope mobile, Francis traveled St. Peter's Square during the downpour shaking hands and blessing children. Now what makes this a problem is when the Pope was younger man he had part of his lung removed. Thus making him susceptible to colds and such.
     Now I really do like this guy and would want him to be around for awhile. So if he can't afford an umbrella I would easily go out and buy him one. Please Sir, use some common sense.

Syria States Assad Will Be Around at Least Through 2014.

     Syria's foreign minister has come out and stated that Assad will be around at least till Elections are held in 2014. Pretty much assuring the world that no peace talks will happen before then. Assad has said at times he will not sit down at face to face talks with the Rebels. Now this doesn't mean that low ranking officials wouldn't sit down and talk, but Assad won't.
    At the same time Britain has sent a letter to the U.N. detailing chemical use by the Assad government during the months of March and April. Ladies and gentlemen it just keeps getting deeper and deeper in Bullshit.

Chinese Going to Buy Smithfield.

     Well here's another American company being bought up by the Chinese. Smithfield Foods, one of the United States largest pork producers will become Chinese in a short time. Now, here is the problem I have with this merger. The company that is buying Smithfield was involved in the Chinese pork scandal back  in 2011.
     Will the Chinese actually make sure we don't get sold tainted meat? Can we have a scandal such as the one a few years ago? Most definitely we are at risk. The Chinese have proven in years past that they are not worried about our health. Their only concern is money. The selling of America is coming. Eventually we will be working for the world.

Jonathon And Gertrude Seagull

     Now, I went to the beach yesterday and I met the cutest couple. I was getting out of the water from doing my swimming. This couple were on the shore arguing. She was upset with her husband because he was not catching enough fish for her and the children. You see Jonathon is a little lazy. He likes to strut up and down the beach like he's God's gift to women. He flex's all his muscles as the girls walk by. Now Gertrude was giving him a tongue lashing like you wouldn't believe. She was yelling like there was no tomorrow. Calling Jonathon a good for nothing husband.
    All of a sudden Jonathon reared back and gave a yell like you no other. Yelling, "Woman get off my back. You nag". Oh, Gertrude did not like that, and gave her husband another tongue lashing. It was funny watching him go into the water and scooping up some minnows He looked at his wife and with one big swoop he was off into the air. Gertrude glanced back at me as if to say "You have something to say" and I looked at her and replied "No mam". As she took off into the air I felt a little sorry for good ole Jonathon but I knew that as his kids were being fed Gertrude would be very pleased with her husband for the amount of fish he caught. I'll be back at the beach next week and we will see what the pair are up to. 

Israel Vows To Fight

      Israel has vowed that if Russia delivers on it's promise of delivering anti-aircraft missiles to Syria then they will strike and with full force. Israel does not care for Russia's decision and if the European Union are serious about dropping its arms embargo, regional war could be on the horizon. Hezbollah has stated it will fight with Assad and the United States has said that it is on the Rebels side. The one country we haven't heard from is Iran and I feel that we will be hearing from them shortly. God it's a lovely world we live in.

Prayer for 5/30/2013

     Lord you give us so much. You are always there for us and we never see you. We take all this on faith. Lord it is my belief that you are the truth and the way. I do love life and all it gives to us. Lead us all into your virtue. I pray for all I come into contact with today. I put all of this into your hands.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Prayer for 5/29/2013

The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. Thank you for today and all days. I give you this Lord and I want you to walk with me this day. Help me not to sin. Help me to be a good neighbor. Help me to be a kind and gentle person. Lord I pray for you to lead us to your heavenly place as I put my life into your hands. amen

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Movie Review: Barrymore

    John Barrymore, celebrated entertainer of his generation, had fallen on hard times. He would waste his life on vice and alcohol. He would lose himself into the world of what some call despair. Leaving the stage and screen would eventually be the end of John Barrymore.
    His family had fought madness for many generations. When the Barrymore's were on the top they were the pinnacle of theatre but when they fell the ground couldn't even hold them. John's father was institutionalized at the age of 51. His brother Lionel was crazier than he.
    In 1942, just a few months after Pearl Harbor, John would try to bring back the glory of what was once a beautiful career. A few months later he would collapse and die on the Rudy Valle show.
    Christopher Plummer is wonderful as Barrymore. He is entertaining and generous in his role.  He brings to this performance a passion that brings you back to the 1940's and you watch the disintegration of an actor. The dialogue between stage hand Frank and Barrymore shows the depths of despair the man must have been in. Plummer brings the feelings to the screen, as well as, your living room. This is a must see DVD. Enjoy. 

Penguin Escapes Sea World Exhibit

     A Penguin escaped it's exhibit the other day much to the chagrin of all the people around. For a few brief moments freedom was at hand. Hey, he just wanted to see what was on the other side of the glass. He walked around looking bewildered as to what to do, for what seemed an eternity. A worker finally corralled the bird into a corner and picked him up and put him back into the water, and he swam away no worse for wear. Hope he enjoyed the visit as much as we enjoy watching him.

Life Changes

     In the last two months since I started this blog my life has taken a turn toward a better future. I write on things that cross my desk and I bring them out here to the world. They are stories that in one way or another I feel need to be seen.
    We live in a world that by the push of a button can destroy itself. That bothers me. We live on a very beautiful piece of landscape and I don't want it destroyed. For years I have been watching the decline of the American way of life and have seen a global world coming into existence. Look I don't have all the answers but I do know this, if we all don't change our ways we will kill each other off.
    I don't hate the Russians or the Chinese or the Iranians. Man the history these countries have given us. Look I can say this I am a human being and I love all other human beings. I hope we can live together and became friends. I'm not talking about governments I'm talking to all the citizens of the world. We need to come together and change this place. I love you all. More to come. 

Decline of the American Education System.

     I have been a Teacher since 2000. In that time I have seen in Florida a steady decline in test scores. In Florida we  have the FCAT. A test that children grades 3-12 must take and pass to be able to proceed to another grade. It's a standardized test and our kids are just not passing it. The reading, writing, and math scores are atrocious.
     We have given the world a generation of idiots and I'm not proud of it. We continue to try and implement new ways to teach and learn, and we are failing. Modern education sucks. I went to a private school run by the Catholic church in the 1960's and 70's. It took us two weeks to learn our times tables in second grade. Now they work on it all year in the 3rd grade and they still don't get it.
     What, do we need to bring back the yard stick that the nuns used to whack us with if we got the answer wrong? Nope, can't do that, it would get parents in an uproar. We must find an answer soon. We can't afford to have so many drop outs and teen pregnancy's. Sadly, these children don't care since they see they can have kids and get support from our government. Hey maybe our problem is not with the teachers or the students, it's with the screwed up parents who blame everybody except themselves. Man do I miss the old days.    

China Hacks Into US Weapons Programs

  In a paper for the Pentagon, reports of Chinese espionage are coming to light. It seems the Chinese have hacked into some very advanced weapons systems and downloaded the specs. Thus taking away any advantage we had over them.
  The areas of concern were missile defense, combat aircraft, and US ships. The Chinese have been hacking into our systems for years. Can they not build their own weapons. Must they steal from us. It's a shame, that just when I thought China had come to terms with the US on many issues, we now have to worry about them stealing our secrets.
  You know the idea of going to war with China is not something that I favor, but with all the money we owe them and given the fact that they continue to steal, there will eventually come a point when we will have each other in our sights and will have to come to blows.
  These plans were our backbone for systems used in Asia, Europe and the Persian Gulf. Man can we ever get a break. 

European Union Lifts Sanctions to Syrian Rebels

     EU has lifted sanctions against the Syrian Rebels thus opening a hole new area of contention. The EU is putting itself up against Russia in the arms deals with Syria. Russia last week openly sold arms to Syria's Assad. Now we have to deal with the EU selling to the rebels. Three weeks ago at the invisible negotiating table it was the US, Russia, Syrian Rebels, and Syria. Now we have Hezbollah, the EU, and possibly Iran. Yes that's right I said Iran. They have been silent but I fear not for much longer. This has started to open up to include most of the West Bank, including Israel.
     The EU says all other sanctions are still in place . It's just allowing the Rebels to buy arms. Man every day this is changing. Can't wait to see what happens today. More to come.

Prayer for 5/28/2013

     Father I want to thank you for a wonderful weekend. I want all who read this to know that you do work in mysterious ways. You are always there for us. Lord I pray for all who are suicidal. May they be saved and brought back to us. Father there are times when we feel we have no hope. Help all who are saddened by life. Father I put this into your hands. Amen.

Monday, May 27, 2013

God Bless America

    I'm writing this because a few moments ago was the National Moment of Silence in remembrance of those who served and died for our country. My father is buried in Bushnell, Florida at the Florida National Cemetery.
    He was in the Korea War and served five years in the Army and 25 years in the National Guard. My father loved this country and loved to be in Uniform. It is in his Honor when I say 'Thank you for all you did, Pop'. Warrant Officer David Granger R.I.P.

Movie Review: ElectraGlide In Blue.

     Young  motorcycle cop John Wintergreen wants to become a detective. In Arizona, detectives wear big stetson hats and shiny cowboy boots. John happens upon a case of a dead body in a shack out in the middle of nowhere. He notices something that others don't and he gets a promotion. Unfortunately, once he arrives he sees the system is just as corrupt at the top as at the bottom.
     He takes a step back and gets back on his bike and stays a motorcycle cop. He makes a shocking discovery that will eventually cost him dearly.
     This movie was made when 'Establishment Views' were the norm and 'Anti-Establishment' was pushing the buttons. If a hippie or biker had a large sum of money he was guilty of something. The ending is a twister and you don't really see it coming. Which makes for an excellent movie.
     When a movie makes you think of your surroundings and you start to question it then a movie has done it's job of entertainment.
     The DVD is lacking in the sound department, too much in and out. The lighting in some scenes is too low. That being said, the final product, this movie is still worth taking the time to watch. Enjoy.

It's A Beautiful Day In Tampa Bay.

     The sun is shining. It is already 79 degree's. Most people are heading out to the parks and the beach. The grills will be lit in a few hours. The hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, and steak will be sizzling. This is the beginning of the summer season. It is a time when people will go on vacations. Take little jaunts around their state. Catch a tan and drink some beer. When baseball is in full swing and football summer camps will start to have workouts. Our children will be out of school and feeling free. Enjoy!

To The United States Military

    Thank you for serving your country. Thank you to all who have served. Thank you for all who gave your lives in defense of The United States. Happy memorial Day.

Four Billion Going to West Bank

    Secretary of State John Kerry has announced that 4 Billion will go to the West Bank, so Israel  and the Palestinians will sit down and talk. You know it's kind of funny how Russia sells missiles to get the Syrians to sit down and talk with the Rebels but we have to pay to get people to talk. You know it's just a shame.
    Hezbollah comes out with it's backing of Syria and it gets two rockets up the ass. There is so much interplay with all countries in the region that one does not know what is going to happen next. Iran hasn't said much so I feel we will be hearing from them soon.
    It would be nice if everyone in the region would just get along, and share the wealth. it's a shame it won't happen.

Quit Your Damn Whining!

     I was born and raised to be an American. I love being an American. I hate what we have become. We don't have enough cheese to go around for the whining that occurs. From our politicians down to our homeless. Everyone has become a whiner. I don't make enough money. I don't have a nice car. I don't have a house. Then go to college and get an education and get off your ass and get a decent job.
     When our own government does nothing but complain about what the Republicans have or what the Democrats have, who gives a shit. We are all Americans and I hate to see the American dream go by the way side. It is time for all of us to stand up and enough is enough. It's time that when the next elections come around that we get people in office who will work for us and not big companies.
    Obama came into office and bailed out a bunch of companies who put themselves into their own  problems and the U.S. citizens bailed them out, using tax payer money. Those companies should have gone bankrupt and we could have moved on. The people in charge should have been brought up on charges and sent to jail. Big money is ruining this country. We have become a global economy and they don't care if they screw us over. Am I whining, Hell yes. I have plenty of cheese in the fridge and by God I'm gonna try and vote out many of the people in Congress when the time comes. So if you want to complain about what is going on, then also get off your ass and do something about it. Write a blog. Write someone in Congress. Write your friends and let's get this country back on it's feet again. Wisconsin only has so much cheese. Do something!


      The time has come for all of us to get over our materialistic ways. Here in the United States we have generations of Americans who only want to have what the others have. Can we just be ourselves and forget what the neighbors have in their house or on their bodies, the cars they drive, or the drapes that hang in the windows. I don't care if Iran has oil. We don't need to go over and steal it. Just as I don't care when people want what the Americans have.
     God can't everyone see that you can't take it with you. When you die and they lower you in the ground are they gonna bury all your belongings also? I don't think so. I am happy if my bills are paid. That I have something to eat for breakfast and that I have a roof over my head. People I beg you, it is ok if you go outside without make up, it's ok if you walk around in shorts and flip flops. Let's get over ourselves and just enjoy life. Peace.

I Am Christopher Granger

     My name is Christopher Granger. I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I come from a middle class family. I attended private schools here in Tampa, Florida when I was growing up. I graduated from Florida State University with two Bachelor Degrees and three majors. Political Science, International Affairs, and History were my majors. I have enjoyed many jobs over the years and have been a teacher for the last 13.
     This is what gives me the right to speak on the various topics that I do. Do I have all the answers, nope sure don't. Do I have a right to speak out? Oh hell yeah, let alone it is in our Constitution. I am also a member of this human race and everyone has  rights on this planet. Any government that says that I don't have the right to speak out can go to hell. It is time for a major change in our civilization. We need to evolve above this materialistic life. We need to all get along. I don't hate the Russians. I don't hate the Chinese. I don't hate the Iranians. You get where I'm going with this. Stop the blood shed. Stop the hate. Stop looking down your noses at others. We are all Human Beings and we all inhabit the Planet Earth. Hey have a great day!        


    What does it mean to have success? Does it mean you have plenty of money and you can push your way around? Does it mean you are a hit among your peers for the job you do? Does it mean you have done well in the eyes of the Lord?
     It can mean all those things. You see in my younger days I hung around a crowd that most people can't even begin to imagine. They were a very rough crowd and I did some terrible things. I was never arrested but I should have been. For years I tried to make up for those days. Well I started teaching and I have been able to look at myself in the mirror these past 13 years. I have been able to affect some 10,000 children over the years. Hopefully they will be able to make better choices than I did.
      I have seen former students, and they are in college or they are now parents, and they are happy. So, myself and other teachers have done our job. We didn't get rich but we have wealth beyond any one's imagination. Some have questioned that if this writing thing takes off, that I may become a success. To them I say 'I am already a success and have been all my life'. Money does not mean you are a success. It means you can buy more. Hey the funny thing is that you can go out and buy all you want, in the end you can't take it with you. We live too much in a material world and it sucks. My days of being materialistic have long been dead. I am a success and don't ever forget it.

Prayer for 5/27/2013

     Lord bless this day. Bless all who read this simple prayer. Lord there will be much drinking and eating this Memorial Day, pleas don't let those who are drunk drive. Help all who travel to be safe to their destination as well as back home. May all our servicemen know how much they are appreciated and loved. Lord honor all those who have died in battle. Father I put this in your hands this and every day.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Muslims Beware in United Kingdom

     Mobs of protesters are marching against the violence that took place last week. Thousands swarmed the streets in protest of the brutal attack on a British soldier by Muslim radicals. Some groups surrounded Mosque's in an attempt to spread fear. Muslims in the UK might want to take a back seat to avoid being in harms way. Maybe it's time that fear be put into these extremists that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated anymore.
    The time has come for countries to take these forms of attacks seriously and put these radicals away for life. They are not part of the civilized world and we should not stand by any longer and take this crap from these Idiots. Not all Muslim's are part of this way of thinking but we cannot live in fear of simply not being able to walk down a street without being attacked.

Hezbollah Backs Assad

     Lebanon's Hezbollah leader has openly stated that his troops will fight along side Syrian President Assad to defeat the Syrian Rebels. By doing this he feels that to allow the Rebels a victory would allow the United States to come into Syria thus bringing chaos to region for many years to come. This statement proves the Iranian backed Hezbollah has been in the fight for some time.
    Nasrallah spoke on TV telling all that if Syria falls then Palestine will be lost. He also went on to say that Syria's fall would allow Israel to enter Lebanon and take it over. Does everything in the region revolve around Israel? This is why there will never be peace in the Middle East. No one wants to play together and everyone wants Israel out of the way.

Closure for The Boston Marathon

    Yesterday in a light rain, thousands ran or walked the last mile of the marathon. For many this was a band aid that was put over an open wound. For some it was simply a tear filled experience. The emotions flowed for those who had not finished the race because of the bombing. It was not a fundraiser, but donations were being taken. Simply put this was an attempt to heal. For all who took part my prayers go out to you that it brought closure and you can move on.

Prayer for 5/26/2013

     Lord I pray to you today for those who are without. Those who don't have a next meal. For those who are homeless. I pray for those who have no hope. Lord I pray for you to come into the lives of those who are seeking you Lord. Help them and nurture them care for them my God. I can only ask you my Lord for your help. I hope you hear me and grant those without all they need.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Not all Americans are Rich.

    I was approached today by one of my Facebook friends, and was asked to send money to this person overseas. Now here is the problem . Their reasoning was that I was an American so I must be rich.  Man do I wish that was true. I'm a modest person of modest means. I make a living but that is it. What's funny though is that I'm like most Americans. The rich in America are only the top 1-2 percent. I don't even make the middle class. I dwell in the lower bracket where most people call home.
    I wish I could send this person some money but I just don't have it to give. What does bother me is the misconception that all Americans are rich. Hey World No...we are not. Sorry.

Syrian Conflict

     Russia has come out and stated that Syria will attend at least some sort of low level talks. Syria on the other hand has said nothing. With Russia funding some of the Syrian weapons arsenal I guess you could say that Russia is calling all the shots. Thus making Assad nothing more than a Russian puppet.
    Israel on the other hand feels with these recent arms shipments from Russia that Assad could be around for some time.This is not making Israel feel very comfortable.Thinking is Israel will be launching some more air strikes before Syria gets any more arms shipments.
    The United States has Secretary of State John Kerry making the rounds in the Middle East to try to talk some sense to the neighboring countries. The United States did come out this week and tell the Syrian Rebels that we've got your back so to speak. We didn't say what we were going to do for them, but we got their back.
     Man, can we say what we have here is a failure to communicate. Can we all just get along for a change. It would be nice if we could at least have one single day where we all can get along with each other. 'Peace', it's a simple word. 

Prayer for 5/25/2013

     Lord thank you for the beautiful morning. We get to go the the beach today and enjoy the water and the sand. Lord thank you for my life. It has seen many an adventure and it has left me with many a story. Lord I thank you for my family and friends. Lord I pray for all who read my prayers may they be blessed with your mercy. Lord I pray to you today for all who don't have access to my prayers. May they be blessed most of all. Amen

Friday, May 24, 2013

Prayer for /5/24/2013

     The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. You take care of me. You shelter me. You feed me. Lord I put this day into your hands and forgive me for all my sins. Amen.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Boy Scouts Lift Ban on Gays.

    Boy Scouts of America has just lifted the ban on gay boys in the scouts. They still are not allowing openly  gay scout leaders but they have lifted the ban on the boys. How this will affect the scouts and some of the sponsorship by churches, we will have to wait and see. This is not the end of this matter. There will be groups and churches that will cry foul. Honestly as a former scout I don't know how I feel. In a way I guess I don't really see a problem. Good Luck with all this.

The Perfect Bar B Que

     The first thing you want to do is get a nice piece of meat to cook. I have always enjoyed a good London Broil. The second is a good marinating beer. Guinness works very well in this category. Next you must get a good drinking beer. Heineken works very nicely.
     Now you want to take the meat and marinate it in two bottles of Guinness. Pepper, salt, and some Italian Seasoning work well. Let this meat marinate for at least two hours.
     Now as for your sides the potato salad can be store bought. They do well sometimes with mustard potato salad. The cole slaw is easy. Just get a head of cabbage and grate it down, throw some mayo and some seasoning, and there you are. The bake beans can be optional but the corn on the cob is a must. Invite some people over or just cook for yourself, but with this food you can never go wrong on the best Bar B Que. Cook the meat to your liking and don't drink and drive. Enjoy.  

Memorial Day

     This coming Monday in the United States we celebrate a holiday we call Memorial Day. It's our way to say thank you to all who have served in the Military and are serving now. There are times in the U.S. that we may seem to take these people for granted. It's really not true. My father and many of my family members as well as myself have served  in the Military. I was in the Army.
     This is a day when for some of us we actually tear up thinking of those who have died in wars past. We might tear  up because we have family and friend serving now. It is also the beginning of our summer season.
    We will clean the grills extra special this weekend. We will watch the Indy 500. We will get the beer nice and cold. We will put that meat on the grill and make it nice and tasty.
     From the bottom of my heart, Semper Fi to all who came before me and for those who have come after me. You are in a very honorable institution  the Military of the United States of America. Wear your uniform proud and remember you are there for all of us back home.

Summertime in Tampa Bay Florida.

     With the Memorial Day weekend coming up it marks the kick off to the good ole summertime. The beaches get packed. The playgrounds are full of children. They are all over the place in the summertime. Movie matinees will have more of the little ones milling about. They don't watch the movie they just want to be seen by their friends. Vacationers from the North will be migrating down to Tampa, and the surrounding area to enjoy all the theme parks.
     Most stay in Tampa or travel to Orlando with it's many theme parks. Tampa has it's own theme parks and is only 45 minutes away from the beaches. Afternoon fishing on a dock or pier has always been an enjoyable way to spend some time. Plenty of restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal. So if you've got nothing to do during the summer, hop in the car or plane and come visit us. We would love you all to come stay awhile you here.   

Middle Age

     Some may say 52 is creeping away from middle age to an older age. I say, that's a load of crap. As long as a person can feel young physically, as well as, mentally then you will be young. Age the number is nothing more than a number that's all. I see people who are younger than me but look like they are going to keel over at any minute.
     I used to think that 30 was going to be an old age. Man did I raise those numbers. Now 70 is an old age. I still remember much of my youth. I remember the good old days as we call them. There is very little I would change. I would love to do some of it over again but I would still make the same choices I made. I have enjoyed many an adventure some of which I'm surprised I survived. Hey, you only live once so you might as well push the envelope and see where the pieces fall. Never second guess yourself. Go with your first thought and your gut. See ya on the flip side. 

Americans Support Syrian Rebels

     Secretary of  State John Kerry has been seeing the Syrian Rebels and has let them know that the United States is behind them.  We have their back. Great. That proves that the idea of sitting down and talking this out is not going to happen. Russia is backing Assad and we are backing the Rebels no wonder nothing will happen. We and the Russians don't want it to happen. All that has been going on for the last two weeks, with Russia stating how much they want the talks to continue but then send missiles,  is one big load of crap. On the other hand the Americans, going around singing the praises of peace, are also talking bullshit. What we've got here is a failure to communicate. Sit down people and make peace before it's too late. God, Politicians are Idiots.

IRS Takes the Fifth.

    IRS official Lois Lerner takes the fifth before Congress. Proving that upper IRS officials were aware of what was going inside the agency. It seems the IRS back in 2011 was targeting groups linked to the Tea Party. Holding up tax exempt status and other paperwork just to keep these groups from fully participating in the Election of 2012. Man do I smell conspiracy in the American Goverment. Wonder if Barack was fully aware of what was going on. More to come.     

Machete Attack in London

     Two men attack using a machete. Murder in London streets seen by dozens of witnesses as the two men  sing praises to God. Victims are hacked to death in a terrorist attack. What has the world come to in the name of Allah. What do we tolerate from our Governments in allowing these senseless attacks to ordinary citizens. I don't have anything against Muslims but enough is enough. Men were shot and one is in critical condition in a London Hospital. They didn't even bother to run away.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Road Rage

     I can't speak for the world but here in the United States we have a bunch of idiots out driving on our roads. We have people texting while driving and cutting you off in the process. God forbid if you should shoot them the bird when they do something stupid you could end up getting shot.
     It's like we are living in the old west where you can get shot and killed for looking at someone wrong. We have a generation of idiots out on the road. My only guess is that they grew up playing video games that encourage such actions on their make believe roads and people think this is acceptable behavior.
     What's even funnier are the ones who drive up your ass because they are in such a hurry to go nowhere. So to you tailgaters, all you idiots who want to cut you off, all you idiots who want to own the all means go ahead. I have my 357 Smith and Wesson and it's got a bullet for you. Have a nice day.  

Prayer for 5/23/2013

     Lord watch over us this day. You gives us all that we need. Father there are those who don't receive the necessities of life. I ask this day that you help all those in need. Help them get the food they need or the shelter to get out of the weather. Help all those who have never heard your word. May they come to know your love. Father I put these simple prayers for all to see. May you guide us into your waiting arms. Amen

Living With Cancer VIII

Living With Cancer VIII - Follow this link to this article.

Prayer for 5/22/2013

     Lord you are my savior. You have taken a lowly sinner and brought him into your graces. Father I ask you to walk with me today and share all my experiences this day. Lord I put my life into your hands . I beg you come into the lives of all who read this prayer. Amen 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ray Manzarek

     Founding member of the rock band The Doors, keyboardist Ray Manzarek has died at the age of 74. Mr. Manzarek had fought a courageous battle against cancer. Succumbing to it like everyone else.
     A legend in Rock and Roll Mr. Manzarek helped change the music of the 1960's. If it wasn't for Mr. Manzarek and the other members of The Doors we wouldn't have bands who followed in their footsteps. Bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and many others. We wouldn't have the sound of rock we have today. Thanks for the ride man. I guess this is 'The End'. Peace.

Prayer for Moore, Oklahoma

     Lord the devastation is beyond words. The town looks as if it had been tore apart by bombs rather than Mother Nature. Father there are times when I do question what the point was in destroying this town. Did they offend you in some way? Did they break all the rules? Lord this mid western town was just another in many here in the United States. Why then did this happen? There is no correct answer Lord. This makes no sense. It's cruel. It's disheartening Lord.
     Lord I beg you to take care of the survivors. I ask you to bring help quickly. I pray for all who are left in the wakes of these storms.May they get back on their feet soon.  

Prayer for 5/21/2013

     Lord many people lost their lives in Oklahoma City yesterday. A little town of Moore was hit worst. Father I pray to you this morning that they don't get any more tornadoes today. I pray for all survivors that they get back on their feet soon. Lord our hearts are broken over this devastation. Mother Nature can be so cruel at times. I put this in your hands. Amen

Monday, May 20, 2013

Movie Review: The Love Girls

     Jerry a young college hunk has a girlfriend named Shelia. Jerry wants to make love with her but Shelia is not wanting to take their relationship to that level. . Jerry chooses to take in the local peep shows. He goes to parties where women are in various stages of undress. He starts to watch women through windows. He learns from one of his professors that voyeurs can react in many ways to what he has been seeing, sometimes even getting violent.
      Jerry even goes to Mexico to watch his women take it all off. He starts to feel that these inner desires of his are starting to manifest themselves outwardly. He goes to a doctor but is only given sleeping pills and told to get plenty of rest.
     This 1964 black and white film is laughable at best. It judges what Jerry is doing as deviant behavior, which it probably is, even by today's standards. The scenes of Jerry's fantasies are pretty tame. If you care to look at porn from the past then this is the DVD for you. Enjoy

Movie Review: Struck By Lightning

     Carson Phillips is a senior in high school and has the world at his beck and call. He is going places. Unfortunately he gets struck by lightning and doesn't change the world. His parents split up and he has to live with his mother while his father hooks up with a much younger woman. Within a short period of time she becomes pregnant. Carson is not understood at home or at school.
     His small town roots were holding him back. Carson points out to us that while your planning your future you are still very busy.
     Carson lets us into the last couple of weeks of his life. He is on the newspaper for his high school. He is on the student council. He is part of a school system that doesn't understand him. He does pull all his detractors together with a literary magazine and makes everybody write something for it.
     OK he blackmails everybody into writing  something. The jokes are lame. The movie is for high school kids. The sound on the DVD goes up and down at times. Watch it if you want, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Prayer for 5/20/2013

      Lord I was woke up to someone stealing from me. They wanted to break into my house and steal what I had. Lord you woke me up and I got back what was mine but I let the thieves go. I didn't press charges.  Lord please help me to forgive and forget. Amen

Movie Review: Nightfall

     Sometimes you are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. A young high school boy comes to the aid of his girlfriend. She had his baby. Her father wouldn't let the girl go to school or outside anymore. The two lovebirds would meet secretly. One night the girl calls the boy to come get her. Her father finds out and the girl is beaten and killed. The young man shows up and is charged with her murder and spends the next 20 years in prison. Her father is a famous pianist, so it's his word against her father's.
     Twenty years go by and he is released. The girl's father has raised the baby as his own daughter and his wife goes along with everything. The man wants to see his daughter. The father treats the baby just as he treated her mother. The man learns all this and tragedy soon steps in.
     This is a tragic tale of  loves lost, futures ruined, murder, and abuse. Of people just not wanting to live and see the truth.
     I don't usually enjoy subtitled films but this movie is pretty good. You have to watch this when you can spend the time to follow along. The only problem with the DVD is that some of the dialog comes over in English and not in subtitles, fortunately, it doesn't take away from ones enjoyment of the film itself. Popcorn's on me.

Assad says no to talks.

    Syrian President Assad says that he will not sit down with the Rebels or Russia or the United States at any peace talks table. This will not bring peace to the region anytime soon. Assad has this I will not resign or surrender attitude, and with Russia sending him missiles, I guess I would too.
    Putin has pushed back any hope of talks for perhaps another six months to a year. Israel will not just idly sit back while Syria has missiles. Obama came out in the press and told Putin he was a bad boy. Well folks, this situation is not going away anytime soon.

Prayer for 5/19/2013

    I thank you Lord for a beautiful day at the beach yesterday. I thank you for all that you do for me. I thank you for the wonderful people who read my blog posts. I thank you lord for my friends and family. I thank you for my cats and kittens who I hope to find homes for. I thank you Lord for the week coming up. It's just 3 more weeks till school is out. I thank you for the kids I'm going to teach this week. I put my life in your hands my Lord. Thank You.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Preakness Stakes Review.

    No Triple Crown this year. Oxbow takes the race . Orb just never had a clear shot to make a move. Well maybe sometime before I die I will see another Triple Crown Winner.

Russia sells missiles to Syria.

     Well she did it. Russia sells missiles to Syria. The country comes to the table with the United States and says they want peace in Syria but they continue to sell arms to Assad. Russia by selling arms to Syria makes the Israelis very nervous. Which in turn makes Iran, Lebanon, and many other Middle eastern countries very nervous. Regional warfare could be on the brink thanks to the Russians .
     You know it just pisses me off when people like Putin can't simply be honest and say that they are two faced. We the world can't afford another regional war. Russia knows this as they are desperate for money as shown by their sale of missiles to Syria. What they can't do is make up their mind. Come on Putin get your shit together and help put an end to Assad and his regime.

Preakness Stakes

     ORB to win!

Movie Review: Starlet

     Starlet is the dog. Jane is the aspiring actress who can only land a role as a porn star. Jane lives with another porn actress and her whacked out boyfriend. Jane stops at a yard sale that will change her life. She purchases a thermos from an 85 year old widow. She takes it home; washes it out and finds a load of cash.
     You see Sadie the widow had a gambler for a husband. He in turn would stash money and Jane just happened to come into one of his stash places. She has  a conscious  and tries to return the thermos but Sadie won't hear of it. Jane tries to just happen to run into Sadie and tries to run errands and so forth to ease her feelings.
     Sadie is one tough old bat and gives Jane a run for money. Jane has to really work at gaining Sadie's friendship. Jane's roommate happens to find the stash of money when Starlet who is a puppy is playing with it one day.
     This movie deals with many of the differences between young and old. Camera work is questionable at best, but he movie is thought provoking and deserves a watch. So if you happen to have a rainy Sunday afternoon just take the time to pop this DVD into the machine and sit back and watch one of the best endings I've seen in a long time. Enjoy

Prayer for 5/18/2013

     Lord I pray to you this morning for all who are in need. Whether it be food, shelter, health, or just plain need to have a friend. I pray that these needs be met. Lord there so many people who don't have the basics. I pray that you can help with this prayer to give all those who are without the help they need. Father I pray that the world can be a much better place when we all can come grips with the fact that we all need each other.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Movie Review: Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy

To read this review please follow this link: Irvine Welsh's Ecstasy

Prayer for 5/17/2013

     Lord thank God it's Friday. Lord it has been a long week. It has been a week of ups and downs. I pray to you today that no harm has come to anyone who has read my prayers. that they are in good health and their families and friends are good. Lord let's have a good weekend.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Movie Review: Frankie Go Boom

     Two brothers, one who loves to record everything and the other who hates to be part of his brother's videos. The movie opens with Frank out in the desert trying to write a novel.  His brother Bruce is in rehab. Mother gets brothers together and Bruce sets up Frank with a one night stand. Only problems is Frank can't get it up. Bruce films the episode and sends it out on the internet. The brothers work their way through many different scenarios to get the footage back.
     There are a ton of crazy people in this movie; Bruce's prison roommate who has gone transsexual, Bruce's rehab buddies, and the brother's parents. All the persons involved in making this film only manage to make it a dud.
     This movie is not funny. It doesn't even come close to being funny. It is a waste of time. The plot is unbelievably dull. The sound is hard to understand at times.
     This film tries to poke fun at porn, brotherly hate, and internet fame. It doesn't even need to be rented. Save your money. Don't even give it to your worst enemy at Christmas time.

Message to the King of Bahrain

     Get over yourself. To allow the courts in your country to lock up six people because they said disparaging remarks about you. Are you kidding me? What century are you living in. People all across this planet are talking bad about their leaders and you lock people up because they said something bad about you on twitter.
     Well here goes, I am an American citizen living in Tampa, Florida and I think you stink. Come lock me up you pompous bastard. Let your people out of prison and allow free speech to prevail. If you don't and you continue to lock people up because they say bad things eventually you will probably lose your power. You can only keep people down for so long. Get a grip and come live in the 21st century. Have a great day!

Prayer for 5/16/2013

     Lord I put this day into your hands. Our pray for all our children. May they learn this day and have all that they dream come true. Lord i pray for all the homeless and mentally ill. May they find what they are looking for. I pray for all our leaders. May they know what they are doing to us is wrong. May the joy of your love bless all of us. Amen 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pirates in the Bahamas

    Americans are being singled out at airports and bullets are being put in their luggage. They are then arrested and three days later are brought before a judge. The judge will state that they have to give the supposed offender a fine and instantly they are told  $4000  thank you please.
     This has happened to several Americans who have vacationed in the region. As this story is spreading more Americans  are coming forward and telling their horror stories. So if you want to get robbed by the Bahamian Justice system knock your self out and go to the Bahamas.

Prayer for 5/15/2013

     Lord you are my savior. I am a sinner and I don't want to sin today and I ask you to help me. Lord help me with the kids. We have a field trip today and help them to enjoy it. I put this into your hands.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mental health In The United States

     There is none. If you feel that you are in dire straits take a pill. If you have ADHD take a pill. If you have an overactive child give him or her a pill. Years ago we got rid of the asylums and let the crazies walk the streets.
     In the past five years or so road rage on our byways has become an everyday occurrence. If you cut someone off with your car you better be careful. They may pull a gun on you and shoot ya.  The other day I was driving in a parking lot when a young girl started to pull out and almost hit the car I was driving. When I honked and started to move away she tryed to hit me two other times. When I was walking in the parking lot she tried to run me over. As I was going into the store she tried to start a fight. We have  people walking the streets who should be locked up and the key thrown away.
     The idea to just give someone a pill and all will be well is BULLSHIT. The government could have helped with the violence by passing a National Background Check for all gun sales, but they wouldn't do anything about it. What we have here is a failure to communicate. We the American People need our government to stand up and put these Wackos away. Unfortunately we know they won't and there will be more violence on the streets of America.

Movie Review: A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III.

     An middle age graphic designer loses the girl of his dreams and spirals downward. His fame, money, life style can't bring him out of the funk he is feeling. He falls back to past fantasies of women he had affairs with. His friends and family cannot begin to bring him up from the depths.
     Almost sounds like a Charlie Sheen autobiography, that's because Charlie Sheen is Charles Swan.
This movie is one numbing piece of crap. From  the very beginning this movie has no sense of humor. The jokes are as flat as Charlie Sheen's career right now. This desperate attempt to revive his falling stardom is so sad. Just as Sheen's career stinks so does this movie.
     Sound goes in and out at times on the DVD. It's just a waste of time. Don't buy it. Don't rent it. Don't give a dime to revive the career of Charlie Sheen.

Prayer for 5/14/2013

      Heavenly Father I put all that I am into your hands. You have guided me through the worse and I have come out the other side. You are my savior. You are my hope and my dreams. I can only thank you for all that you do. Lord watch over and pray for all the children. May they have a place to sleep and food in their bellies. May they know your kindness as I do. Amen

Monday, May 13, 2013

Movie Review; Escape

   This story takes place in Norway following the Black Death in the 1300's.  A family is traveling along a path when they are attacked and robbed. All except one is murdered. A girl who at 19 is about to grow up fast. Signe is to be a surrogate mother for gang leader Dagmar who can't bear any more children. When Dagmar was tossed into a river along with her own daughter several years before, she was pregnant but lost both daughter and unborn child. Dagmar was accused of bringing the plaque to her village thus her attempted murder was to appease the gods.
    Signe does escape along with Dagmar's daughter Frigg but only makes it so far. The little girl goes back to Dagmar and our young heroine jumps into a river off a cliff. The rest I will let you see when you watch the movie.
 'Escape' is set in an Armageddon like wasteland. The villages and people are few. The scenery in the movie is beautiful and the story is excellent. It is part of  'The Cold Prey Trilogy'. It is a movie that even with subtitles would be an enjoyable, but the DVD has an English dubbed version. Why not take a look.  

Barbara Walters Announces Retirement

    About Time!!!!!!!!

Syria are you nuts!!

    Over the weekend Syria and or people affiliated with Syria blew up a car bomb in Turkey. The bomb killed 46 people. Now this is opening Syria up to a two front war. You have Israel on one side firing off missiles and now this taking place in turkey. All this is trying to do is  maybe upset another neighbor.
    Syria has been fighting a civil war within its own country but now it seems the whole region is wanting to get involved. Iran has already been implicated with supplying arms to Syria. Just as the Russians have been doing for some time. If we are not careful this could turn into a small world war and nobody really has the money to do this right now.    

Internal Revenue Service

     Well those crazy guys down at the IRS have overstepped their bounds this time. What were they thinking when, if you had Tea Party or Patriot in your names, they went ahead and did an intensive audit on your ass. Didn't they think they would get caught?
     What's even funnier is listening to Obama at first kind of laugh it off, but now saying "oh we have to find the truth". Next we find out that top level executives knew what was going on. Man does this stink of Nixon and his secret spying on people.
     What do we live in  some communist or fascist  state? Don't we have a government for the people.Well all I can say is that if this goes really deep, then Obama can kiss his second term goodbye. Nothing will get done then. God Bless America.

Tv Review: Suits Season Two

     Hotshot attorney Harvey Specter and the gang are back for season two. Mike Ross legal prodigy is also back for more of this legal action, comedy, drama. Just one problem Mike still hasn't got his law degree and  only Harvey knows.
     Watch these two characters handle tough caseloads as well as the  new problems that arise in their personal lives. All your other lovable characters are back to show off their abilities in this legal farce.
     This is a load of a crap and if you think this is an average law firm, your nuts. LA Law was closer to a law firm than this trash. The only thing this show has going for it are the women who have no problem showing off their cleavage. No lawyer in his right mind would say this has anything to do with the real life practice of law. So, if you have plenty of time to waste, then by all means watch this program.   

Prayer for 5/13/2013

     Lord thank you for a beautiful weekend. Now it's time to go back to work. The week ahead gives us new adventures. I put this week into your hands. I hope and pray for everyone to have a good week. That all their dreams come true. This I put into your hands Lord.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Movie Review: The Rabbi's Cat

       This movie is based on the novel by Joann Sfar. The story is about a sharp tongued philosopher cat with a scathing sense of humor.
      The story is based in Algeria in the 1930's. Which at the time was an  intersection of Jewish, Arab and French culture. The cat belongs to a widowed rabbi and his beautiful daughter. The cat eats the family parrot and begins to talk. The cat with his sardonic wit attacks everybody under the sun. He attacks all faiths, traditions and authority in his search for the truth. The cat begins a cross country search with others in tow under the Saharan  sun looking for a lost Ethiopian city.
       The times of the 30's especially in Algeria were so uncertain with WW2 on the way. Colonialism was going away and everyone was searching for their identity. This is a look at how in the cats eyes everyone was acting at the time.
      The film is rich in color and you feel as if you are walking in the past. This tale of adventure is a must see for all ages.

Mother's Day

      In the United States today we are celebrating Mother's Day. Its is a day when we will buy our Mother's flowers and cards. We will take them out for lunch or dinner. Probably breakfast also if you think about it. We celebrate all that our Mother's have done for us.
     It's a holiday like say Valentine's day when we buy things. It's another commercial holiday that we all fall for. We spend money on things that usually last only a few days. 
    Today, in honor of this celebration, I'm going to share with you all a little bit about my Mother. My Mom's name was Joan Granger. I've been telling you about her for some time if you've been reading my posts titled  Living with Cancer.
     Yes my Mom had cancer for 15 years. My Mom loved me very much. She did for me in every way she could. She took me to all the activities I was in. She cooked , cleaned and did all the things a Mother does but doesn't get the credit for. She worked a full time job at Metropolitan Life Insurance. All the time she was battling Cancer. My Mother was a very extraordinary lady.
     One the greatest things she and I would do was to go swim at Pass a Grille beach. Every Saturday during the summer we would make the drive to the beach.This is why in a about a year I'm going to retire to the beach. I have missed my Mom every day for the past 34 years. She died when I was 18 from her Cancer. Today is a double edge sword for me. I relive the memories but I also feel a sadness when I do. I do miss her.
     For you who still have your Mothers don't worry about what your money can buy. Instead, just go to your Mother and tell her how much you love her. That is truly all a Mother wants to hear.
    I love you Mom and miss you every day. Happy Mother's Day.  

Movie Review: Cheech and Chong's Animated Movie

To read this review please follow this link: Cheech and Chong's Animated Movie

Prayer for 5/12/2013

     Lord on this Mothers Day, I want to pray for all our Mothers world wide.  They care for us. They clothe us. They feed us. They love us unconditionally. Lord I pray for my mother who has been with you these past 34 years. I miss her every day. Father I put this in your hands.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Russia to keep selling missles to Assad

     Last week Russia and the United States agreed to try and get the Assad Syrian Regime and the Rebels back to the table for talks. A week later, Russia confirms they will still sell the S-300 missile batteries to Syria. This is turn gets Israel up in arms over the sale. So with all this chaos going on in the region can one ever assume talks will begin?
     I can't see it happening until Russia agrees to stop selling weapons to Syria. Unfortunately, the United States is no better with all the help it gives Israel. This conflict will not come to a proper end until Assad steps down from power. This won't happen as Assad would want so much in return for his stepping aside. Maybe a chateau in France would be a generous offer but I still can't see him stepping aside.
    This problem will never go away since Russia needs funds desperately. So to pacify them someone would have to give them something. You think this will ever happen? Peace in the region. Not hardly. 

Movie Review: Open Road

To read this review please follow this link: Open Road

Prayer for 5/11/2013

      Thank you Lord for such a beautiful morning. The beach will be an excellent way to start the weekend off. I want to thank you for a productive week. I pray all who have read my prayers were looked after this week. I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend. I pray for all of you.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Movie Review: Side Effects

     This is a twisted tale of suspense and intrigue involving the ever growing world of the pill hungry society we live in. The idea that one pill can cure all is so far fetched that even I can't believe this tail.
     After her husband is released from prison, Emily begins to suffer from a terrifying anxiety and turns to a psychiatrist for help. The prescription is a pill with side effects that have chilling and very deadly consequences.
     The ending will catch you by surprise and is an excellent way to see the side effects of this thriller. If plots filled with dread and surprises are your kind of movie then get the popcorn and turn out the lights. Enjoy.

Movie Review: The Last Stand

     Arnold is back. This action thriller brings Arnold back to the big screen in the right way. All those years in the Governor's mansion hasn't made him too soft, but time has taken its toll. Arnold is excellent in this movie up to a point. In one of the last scenes Arnold is in a fight that at his age all you can do is say "are you kidding me?"
     'The Last Stand' has car chases, shoot outs, and comedy/action out the wazoo. The filming is excellent and the DVD sounds great.
     Like I said previously, if you like Arnold in the action/thriller movie genre then this is the movie for you.

Survivor in Bangladesh

    A woman has been found after 17 days under the rubble of the garment factory in Bangladesh. She had to have welding torches to get her out from under all the debris. It is not known at this time as to her medical condition. If she hadn't been drinking any fluids during this time then she will be very dehydrated. Some are saying that this is a form of a miracle as no survivors have been brought out of the debris field since the first day of the disaster. This woman is surely in all our prayers.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Documentary Review; Exit Through The Gift Shop

     This is a story about the Street Art scene. This is a behind the scenes look at vandalism, fame, and now big money. This is a story of a camera buff who filmed the famous and infamous of the street art culture. At times participating in breaking into locked areas so to post his or her art of the person he is filming. You see the night time adventures of these artists who simply want to express themselves.
     This story is a story within a story for you the cameraman becomes the artist and he is filmed. If you enjoy art and the facets that it incorporates then this is a must see film. For art is in the eye of the beholder and it is up to you to say whether this new art form is acceptable to the individual. Enjoy.

Movie Review: Howdy Kids; A saturday Afternoon Western Roundup

     If you are a baby boomer in the United States you would have grown up with these shows. This is a compilation of all the westerns that were being played on most Saturday afternoons for the better part of the 1950's and 1960's. These are the shows that after they went off the air we would run out and play The Lone Ranger. If you didn't want to be the Lone Ranger, you would be the Cisco Kid.
     These are the shows where a person would learn the bad guys vs the good guys. You would learn how to rob a train or a stage coach. You would watch trick riding on horses. You might even get on your roof and jump off acting as if you just jumped on the back of the bad guy.
     You know maybe some of our kids may have taken these programs to seriously. I had a friend Larry Martinez who in the third grade did just that: he jumped off his roof and he caught the bad guy. He also became paralyzed on his one side.
      So if you can separate fact from fiction and want to relive your Saturday afternoons then this DVD set is what you want to watch.

Prayer for 5/10/2013

     Father in heaven I pray to you this day for  our children. The children that we are letting down with an improper education system. We are dropping the ball Lord. We are not preparing our children to live a good life and to be able to succeed. The testing that we do for our kids doesn't seem to help. The math and sciences are failing and the reading is atrocious. Lord I have spent many years as a substitute teacher. I have seen our mistakes. It hurts to be just going through the motions. Father I pray that we can all come together for a better education system for our children. Amen

Prayer for 5/09/2013

     Lord I want to put this day into your hands. Help me at school today with all the kids. Give me the strength to overcome all problems and all ills. I praise you and honor you this and everyday. Amen

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Documentary Review: Joan Rivers; A Piece of Work

     A year in the life of the legendary Joan Rivers. Considered to be the first "Queen of Comedy" at least in her own mind, this woman is so worried about not working that there is no job she will reject . When most people her age are enjoying the fruits of their labor, Joan Rivers is trying to work, work, and work some more. She will work a dive just to be working.
     This woman who wanted to ask "can we talk" keeps trying to make a name for herself  but just can't seem to get it that she has. She lives like the Queen of England. She is recognized worldwide, especially with all the plastic surgery. But she still wants more. She does not want to give up the throne.
     She is driven to prove that she is Joan Rivers. This documentary shows the true woman. The sides that most people want to hide. Joan shows us what it takes to be Joan. Enjoy.   

Winter the Dolphin

      Now let me tell you of our little dolphin Winter. Winter was rescued off the coast of Florida and brought to the Clearwater Marine Institute. She would lose part of her tail by getting tangled up in some netting. An artificial tail was later attached and she has been swimming around in our hearts ever since. You would think that would be the end of our story but it isn't.
     This was something so new that they went ahead and made a movie about it. The first time I really became aware of all of this was when a friend came into my class and did a talk to the kids about Winter. The kids ate it all up. Bill Gibron is a film critic here in Tampa and he brought shirts and hats about Winter.
     He gave a great talk that day and I have loved that little dolphin ever since. I invite you if you ever are in the Tampa Bay area go across the bay to Clearwater and drop in and say Hi to Winter. She will love to see ya. 

Movie Review: 'The Invisible War (2012)'

'The Invisible War' - Please follow this link to read this review.   

Dream On

     If you can dream or think it, you can make it come true. The mind is such a beautiful mechanism. I feel if you really look at it the people who changed the world are also the ones who were dreamers. All they did was to make their dreams come true.
     Look at  H.G. Wells the writer. he wrote a book about going to the moon and within 100 years we landed on it. He also wrote a book about submarines and we have them all over the world now patrolling the waters.
    All I can say is that if you want to change the world then dream. Dream the dreams of a deep sleep and maybe just maybe you can become the hero of a new age. I dream of a world where we all get along and become friends. To better man is my dream.  


     Trust is a word that used to be in our vocabulary but not anymore. No one trusts one another anymore. The United States doesn't trust the Russians. The Russians don't trust the Chinese. No one trusts the Iranians or the Koreans or the Syrians, the list could go on.
     Whats worse is we don't even trust our neighbors or family. Oh we are cordial but there is no love to be spread. We expect to be screwed. Everybody has a secret agenda and it doesn't include those closest to us.
      I just turned 52 a couple of months ago and I'm just as guilty as everyone else. For years I was standoffish and didn't trust many people. In the past couple of years I have come back into contact with people that I grew up with. People who, when I was a kid, I would say I trusted very much.
     Unfortunately, as the years have passed, I have been screwed over so many times it is hard to use that word trust anymore. Well, I'm relearning it again. If I can do it so can all of you.
     I am an American and I hold no grudges to anyone else on this planet. If you read my blog, I want you to know that I have no secret agenda. It is not propaganda. It is simply from a man who loves this planet very much and everybody and everything about it. I love learning from other cultures about its people and lives. I hope you feel the same. So from one human to the next I trust you and I wish to be your friend.  

Movie Review: Burn After Reading.

      Washington upside down is the theme for this movie. Espionage, sex, middle age crisis, murder, blackmail, and any other way that Washington can get into trouble is here. An ex-spy decides to write a tell all of nonsense and everybody thinks it has national secrets. Problem is the Russians don't even want it.
      This movie has an all star cast featuring, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, and John Malkovich. Some scenes are excellent and funny and some just leaving you asking the question, "are you kidding me".
       The movie has some good points, but unfortunately they don't come often enough. I wouldn't go out on a limb and say this is a must see but if you like the cast then by all means take the time to watch. If you walk away disappointed don't say I didn't warn you.

Prayer for 5/08/2013

      Lord bless this day and all that we do. Father we are sinners but help us not to sin today. We can only put these matters into your hands and ask for your help. Father bless all the people we come in contact with today. Watch over and guide us Lord. Help us to follow in your footsteps. Help us to be good in all  we do this and every day. Amen

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Putin and Obama v Assad

     Putin and Obama want to bring Assad and the Syrian Rebels to the table for talks. This in itself  is not such a big deal. These two have agreed to get others to the table but no talking gets done. John Kerry was in Russia to talk with Putin and got him to agree to push for these talks.  With Israel bombing Syrian Ammunition Depots, Washington and Moscow will hopefully now accept that if something isn't done we could have major problems.
  The accusation that Syria is using Chemical Warfare against its own people wasn't enough to bring us to the table, but you get Israel involved and things get done. I hope that we can finally bring peace to the region.  

Prayer for 5/07/2013

     Lord my God, you take care of my needs. You are my savior. Father please take care of all who read this prayer. May you give them food to eat. Shelter for their children. May they be taught the truth that all men are created equal. Lord I put this into your hands. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Syria v Israel

     It seems Israel is doing what the United States wouldn't, bombing Syria. It seems in the last couple of days Israel has been bombing Syrian arms depots across the country. This all started when it became known that Syria has been using chemical weapons against the Rebels.
     This brought about a wave of anger from many countries, The U.S. included. What is wrong is that Israel is the only country doing something about it. I hope that when Syria decides to fire back that some other countries come to Israels defense.

Movie Review: INCEPTION

      Espionage at its best. They have a way to go into one's brain and extract the information as if you were there. Unfortunately for Dom Cobb it has taken a toll on him and he has lost too much. Dom is the best at what he does and this time with inception he may have a second chance at life.
     The action is unbelievable and spectacular. The visual effects gives a dimensional view to this film that is unprecedented.
      This film goes into the psyche unlike any other. You must keep up with the movie in the beginning but once you realize what level of consciousness they are on it's smooth running from there on. A must see and an enjoyable one.

Movie Review: The Lookout

     The movie opens with 4 friends from high school out joyriding as they head to a dance. The driver (Joseph Gordon -Levitt) loses control and slams into a combine. Two friends die and two are left with life altering wounds.
     The driver Chris is left with brain damage and has problems recall and navigating. He must write things down to remember what he needs to do. Chris tries to be the person he was, an all star athlete and super cool high school senior, but he can't .He has to learn how to live again.
     Here comes smooth operator Gary played by Matthew Goode. Gary worms his way into Chris's life as he is wanting to rob a bank and Chris just happens to work at one.
     In the background but always there is Chris's roommate Lewis played by Jeff  Daniels. The two are friends even if sometimes Lewis gets on Chris's case. The rest I leave to you as I don't want to ruin the ending.
     This movie gives some insight into young lives that are tragically altered due to carelessness. It is a must see for all ages.

Documentary Review: Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel

     Hugh Hefner was born into a puritan faith family. At an early age he enjoyed being on stage as an actor. He enjoyed the spotlight and wanted to become a household name. As a teenager he would learn the art  of drawing. From there he would later go on to a menial job with a marriage that would bore him to death.
      In the early 50's, he would borrow some money and publish a new magazine called Playboy. In his first issue he would show the young Marilyn Monroe nude. From there you can say Playboy took off.
      In the early years, he would face bigotry, stereotyping, and prudes from all facets of the populace. Hef as he would later be called opened up the world to a sexuality that it had not seen in centuries.
     This DVD is full of known celebrities reminiscing about the man and his empire, as he struggled from the early years with little or nothing to creating his billion dollar empire. Take the time to truly see an entrepreneur at his best.  Hugh Hefner is living what we used to call the "American Dream". So watch and see how dreams come true.

Prayer for 5/06/2013

      Lord you have given us a beautiful morning in Tampa Bay. You always watch out for us. We have a busy week ahead and I know you will be by my side. I pray for all who read this post and wish them a wonderful week. I pray all their wishes come true. Amen

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Movie Review:The Visitor

To read this review please follow this link: The Visitor

Prayer for 05/05/2013

   Heavenly Father thank you for this day. The Cafe con Leche is made and the newspapers have arrived. Mass is on the horizon. The stars are out and no clouds in sight. We have a beautiful day coming to Tampa Bay. Lord I pray for all those who still experiencing winter cold. I pray that everyones week coming up is a productive one. Lord I thank you for all you have done for me. I put my life into your hands this and every day. Amen   

Saturday, May 4, 2013

TV Review: 30 Rock 7th Season

     I cannot see how this show stayed on TV this long. I know that this was a take off from Tina Fey's time on Saturday Night Live but you've got to be kidding. Lorne Michael's producing doesn't make me like this any better. I must admit I never watched the show in the previous six seasons, and now I know why.
     This show never really had a good following but for NBC to waste seven seasons on this stupidity, they really must be hard up. Even with the guest appearances nothing could save this TV show.

Living With Cancer VII

Living With Cancer VII - Follow this link to find this article.         

Prayer for 5/04/2013

     Lord you are my shepherd. You give me life. I thank you each and every day for all that you do for me. Father, I pray this morning for all who are in need of your good deeds. Lord there are many who have never heard the word of your life but they still believe just by hearing your name. Father there are so many who only wish to have food to feed their children . Lord their are many who wish to have a roof over their heads this day. Please Lord help these people. Amen

Friday, May 3, 2013

Movie Review: Madagascar 3, Europes Most Wanted

     What a great movie. Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria are on run through Europe trying in a round about way to get back to the United States. It's hilarious comedy at its best. The gang gets hooked up with a circus where at first they are really not wanted. The group shows they can hold there own, and get back to the United States. On their tail, so to speak, is the infamous Captain Dubois of Animal Control.
     She and her cohorts track the group back to America but by this time all the animals are one happy group and they are not gonna let anything happen stop them. The rest of the story I'll let you find out. The picture is bright the color is excellent. The story line is funny and charming. It's a family affair on this one. So get the popcorn popped and enjoy the adventures.

Prayer for 5/03/2013

     Father I put my life into your hands this day. Help me to get along with all that I come in contact with today. I pray for all my family and friends. Lead us all into your guiding light. Never let us sin. Walk with me this day O Lord. Amen

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

    This movie is definitely not for the over 25 crowd. This coming of age comedy, drama, adventure, love, martial arts movie has more whining than Gallo Vineyards. I didn't bring enough cheese to care what happens to Scott Pilgrim. The characters are geeky nerds of the 20 year old age group. They throw gay love into the fray just to keep it interesting and even these characters are unbelievable. There is nothing about this movie that anyone over 25 can relate too.
    The movie opens up with 28 year old Pilgrim falling for a Chinese catholic high schooler. Then somewhere in his minds eye he sees the girl of his dreams. She has seven former lovers that Pilgrim must defeat to win her love. In the end, Pilgrim learns a valuable lesson.
     If you must watch this movie make sure you bring plenty of cheese so you don't get bored.

FLorida Governor Vetoes Alimony Bill

    Rick Scott has vetoed an Alimony Bill that would have cut payments to spouses. Currently a spouse can receive alimony for life if they don't remarry. The new bill would have stated that if a couple were married for ten years then Alimony would have been paid for five years. Thus pushing spouses who wanted to keep putting the screws to former spouses to go to work.
    Once again this Governor is all talk. He wanted this bill to pass but he succumb to pressure from the Florida Bar and caved in to their demands. Enjoy your time in Tallahassee Gov. Scott for your days are numbered when elections are held.

Prayer for 05/02/2013

     Heavenly Father, I thank you for all that you do for me. You care for me. You feed me. You house me. Lord, I thank you for all my friends and family. You have blessed my life with adventure and thrills.  I thank you my Lord for this day. I pray for all who read this simple prayer. Father pray for all people who feel that life has given up on them. Come into their hearts and let them know that you do care. Amen.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Movie Review: Grand Duel

    This movie can definitely be called a Spaghetti Western. From beginning to end this movie has cliche's out the wazoo. Unfortunately, that's all this movie is...a cliche.
     A wrongly accused Philip Vermeer is helped by Sheriff Clayton played by Lee Van Cleef. The Patriarch of the Saxon clan is murdered. Vermeer runs from the law and the Saxons send bounty hunters after him. Clayton helps Vermeer clear his name. The Saxons have plans on stealing a silver mine, as well as, taking over a state. The rest I leave for you to discover, if you are interested in this joke of a movie.
     This movie has chase scenes, gunfights, threats, challenges, prostitutes, and any other stereotype you can think of for a western. Even the music doesn't match the scenes.
     Lee Van Cleef must have been bored or in need of money to make this movie. Sadly it tarnishes his western movie career credits like the classics "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" and "For a Few Dollars More". Van Cleef  was not able to bring back the charm. This movie sadly was not his best.      

Politicians are ate up with a dumbass!!

     There is not a politician on this planet that actually has a proper clue as to how to lead. That goes from Putin to Obama and everybody in between. Not one of them are actually here for the people. It's as if once they get into power they forget why they were sent there to begin with. If it is not the infighting between political parties, it's the drunkenness of power that overtakes them.
     The worse part of it is this planet and its inhabitants are suffering because of it. Corporations who are here just to make money, strip this planet of all its valuable resources so they can produce items we honestly don't need. When will it stop. When we have nothing left. You think things are bad now, wait till you have a planet full of people fighting for whats left. Oh, we are there already. God help us all. Thank you to "The Idiots" who call themselves our leaders. You really screwed things up.   

Prayer for 5/01/2013

     Lord I am a sinner. I have sinned through my own fault. I heartily accept thy just punishment. Lord help me not to sin. Help me be the best I can be. This I put into your hands this day.