Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Movie Review: Barrymore

    John Barrymore, celebrated entertainer of his generation, had fallen on hard times. He would waste his life on vice and alcohol. He would lose himself into the world of what some call despair. Leaving the stage and screen would eventually be the end of John Barrymore.
    His family had fought madness for many generations. When the Barrymore's were on the top they were the pinnacle of theatre but when they fell the ground couldn't even hold them. John's father was institutionalized at the age of 51. His brother Lionel was crazier than he.
    In 1942, just a few months after Pearl Harbor, John would try to bring back the glory of what was once a beautiful career. A few months later he would collapse and die on the Rudy Valle show.
    Christopher Plummer is wonderful as Barrymore. He is entertaining and generous in his role.  He brings to this performance a passion that brings you back to the 1940's and you watch the disintegration of an actor. The dialogue between stage hand Frank and Barrymore shows the depths of despair the man must have been in. Plummer brings the feelings to the screen, as well as, your living room. This is a must see DVD. Enjoy.