Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Road Rage

     I can't speak for the world but here in the United States we have a bunch of idiots out driving on our roads. We have people texting while driving and cutting you off in the process. God forbid if you should shoot them the bird when they do something stupid you could end up getting shot.
     It's like we are living in the old west where you can get shot and killed for looking at someone wrong. We have a generation of idiots out on the road. My only guess is that they grew up playing video games that encourage such actions on their make believe roads and people think this is acceptable behavior.
     What's even funnier are the ones who drive up your ass because they are in such a hurry to go nowhere. So to you tailgaters, all you idiots who want to cut you off, all you idiots who want to own the all means go ahead. I have my 357 Smith and Wesson and it's got a bullet for you. Have a nice day.