Monday, May 13, 2013

Tv Review: Suits Season Two

     Hotshot attorney Harvey Specter and the gang are back for season two. Mike Ross legal prodigy is also back for more of this legal action, comedy, drama. Just one problem Mike still hasn't got his law degree and  only Harvey knows.
     Watch these two characters handle tough caseloads as well as the  new problems that arise in their personal lives. All your other lovable characters are back to show off their abilities in this legal farce.
     This is a load of a crap and if you think this is an average law firm, your nuts. LA Law was closer to a law firm than this trash. The only thing this show has going for it are the women who have no problem showing off their cleavage. No lawyer in his right mind would say this has anything to do with the real life practice of law. So, if you have plenty of time to waste, then by all means watch this program.