Tuesday, May 28, 2013

China Hacks Into US Weapons Programs

  In a paper for the Pentagon, reports of Chinese espionage are coming to light. It seems the Chinese have hacked into some very advanced weapons systems and downloaded the specs. Thus taking away any advantage we had over them.
  The areas of concern were missile defense, combat aircraft, and US ships. The Chinese have been hacking into our systems for years. Can they not build their own weapons. Must they steal from us. It's a shame, that just when I thought China had come to terms with the US on many issues, we now have to worry about them stealing our secrets.
  You know the idea of going to war with China is not something that I favor, but with all the money we owe them and given the fact that they continue to steal, there will eventually come a point when we will have each other in our sights and will have to come to blows.
  These plans were our backbone for systems used in Asia, Europe and the Persian Gulf. Man can we ever get a break.