Thursday, May 9, 2013

Movie Review: Howdy Kids; A saturday Afternoon Western Roundup

     If you are a baby boomer in the United States you would have grown up with these shows. This is a compilation of all the westerns that were being played on most Saturday afternoons for the better part of the 1950's and 1960's. These are the shows that after they went off the air we would run out and play The Lone Ranger. If you didn't want to be the Lone Ranger, you would be the Cisco Kid.
     These are the shows where a person would learn the bad guys vs the good guys. You would learn how to rob a train or a stage coach. You would watch trick riding on horses. You might even get on your roof and jump off acting as if you just jumped on the back of the bad guy.
     You know maybe some of our kids may have taken these programs to seriously. I had a friend Larry Martinez who in the third grade did just that: he jumped off his roof and he caught the bad guy. He also became paralyzed on his one side.
      So if you can separate fact from fiction and want to relive your Saturday afternoons then this DVD set is what you want to watch.