Monday, May 20, 2013

Movie Review: The Love Girls

     Jerry a young college hunk has a girlfriend named Shelia. Jerry wants to make love with her but Shelia is not wanting to take their relationship to that level. . Jerry chooses to take in the local peep shows. He goes to parties where women are in various stages of undress. He starts to watch women through windows. He learns from one of his professors that voyeurs can react in many ways to what he has been seeing, sometimes even getting violent.
      Jerry even goes to Mexico to watch his women take it all off. He starts to feel that these inner desires of his are starting to manifest themselves outwardly. He goes to a doctor but is only given sleeping pills and told to get plenty of rest.
     This 1964 black and white film is laughable at best. It judges what Jerry is doing as deviant behavior, which it probably is, even by today's standards. The scenes of Jerry's fantasies are pretty tame. If you care to look at porn from the past then this is the DVD for you. Enjoy