Monday, May 27, 2013

Movie Review: ElectraGlide In Blue.

     Young  motorcycle cop John Wintergreen wants to become a detective. In Arizona, detectives wear big stetson hats and shiny cowboy boots. John happens upon a case of a dead body in a shack out in the middle of nowhere. He notices something that others don't and he gets a promotion. Unfortunately, once he arrives he sees the system is just as corrupt at the top as at the bottom.
     He takes a step back and gets back on his bike and stays a motorcycle cop. He makes a shocking discovery that will eventually cost him dearly.
     This movie was made when 'Establishment Views' were the norm and 'Anti-Establishment' was pushing the buttons. If a hippie or biker had a large sum of money he was guilty of something. The ending is a twister and you don't really see it coming. Which makes for an excellent movie.
     When a movie makes you think of your surroundings and you start to question it then a movie has done it's job of entertainment.
     The DVD is lacking in the sound department, too much in and out. The lighting in some scenes is too low. That being said, the final product, this movie is still worth taking the time to watch. Enjoy.