Thursday, May 30, 2013

Child Abuse

    In today's society all you hear about is what adults males and females are doing to children. The abuse that is being carried out on young children is unbelievable. Female teachers taking 14 year old boys to bed to have sex. Forty year old men taking teenage girls and raping them. This form of behavior cannot be tolerated anymore.
    Children do not have the ability to say yes or no to an adult in these situations. We have told our children you must mind adults but then we tell them of the 'bad people'. Most children cannot understand this duality. Which one is right or wrong. Their brains want to do the right things but then they become afraid.
     The people who are stalking and hurting our children are sick and need to be institutionalized. They need medical help. As a teacher I have seen physical abuse on a child. I saw the marks left by a father on the back of the boy.
     The worst of all this is the mental issues it leaves the child. It takes years for a child to learn to handle what happened to them. I hope and pray that the individuals who hurt these children will get the help they need and for our children never to have to deal with physical or mental abuse at the hands of an adult.