Monday, May 27, 2013


    What does it mean to have success? Does it mean you have plenty of money and you can push your way around? Does it mean you are a hit among your peers for the job you do? Does it mean you have done well in the eyes of the Lord?
     It can mean all those things. You see in my younger days I hung around a crowd that most people can't even begin to imagine. They were a very rough crowd and I did some terrible things. I was never arrested but I should have been. For years I tried to make up for those days. Well I started teaching and I have been able to look at myself in the mirror these past 13 years. I have been able to affect some 10,000 children over the years. Hopefully they will be able to make better choices than I did.
      I have seen former students, and they are in college or they are now parents, and they are happy. So, myself and other teachers have done our job. We didn't get rich but we have wealth beyond any one's imagination. Some have questioned that if this writing thing takes off, that I may become a success. To them I say 'I am already a success and have been all my life'. Money does not mean you are a success. It means you can buy more. Hey the funny thing is that you can go out and buy all you want, in the end you can't take it with you. We live too much in a material world and it sucks. My days of being materialistic have long been dead. I am a success and don't ever forget it.