Thursday, May 16, 2013

Movie Review: Frankie Go Boom

     Two brothers, one who loves to record everything and the other who hates to be part of his brother's videos. The movie opens with Frank out in the desert trying to write a novel.  His brother Bruce is in rehab. Mother gets brothers together and Bruce sets up Frank with a one night stand. Only problems is Frank can't get it up. Bruce films the episode and sends it out on the internet. The brothers work their way through many different scenarios to get the footage back.
     There are a ton of crazy people in this movie; Bruce's prison roommate who has gone transsexual, Bruce's rehab buddies, and the brother's parents. All the persons involved in making this film only manage to make it a dud.
     This movie is not funny. It doesn't even come close to being funny. It is a waste of time. The plot is unbelievably dull. The sound is hard to understand at times.
     This film tries to poke fun at porn, brotherly hate, and internet fame. It doesn't even need to be rented. Save your money. Don't even give it to your worst enemy at Christmas time.