Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Documentary Review: Joan Rivers; A Piece of Work

     A year in the life of the legendary Joan Rivers. Considered to be the first "Queen of Comedy" at least in her own mind, this woman is so worried about not working that there is no job she will reject . When most people her age are enjoying the fruits of their labor, Joan Rivers is trying to work, work, and work some more. She will work a dive just to be working.
     This woman who wanted to ask "can we talk" keeps trying to make a name for herself  but just can't seem to get it that she has. She lives like the Queen of England. She is recognized worldwide, especially with all the plastic surgery. But she still wants more. She does not want to give up the throne.
     She is driven to prove that she is Joan Rivers. This documentary shows the true woman. The sides that most people want to hide. Joan shows us what it takes to be Joan. Enjoy.