Saturday, May 18, 2013

Movie Review: Starlet

     Starlet is the dog. Jane is the aspiring actress who can only land a role as a porn star. Jane lives with another porn actress and her whacked out boyfriend. Jane stops at a yard sale that will change her life. She purchases a thermos from an 85 year old widow. She takes it home; washes it out and finds a load of cash.
     You see Sadie the widow had a gambler for a husband. He in turn would stash money and Jane just happened to come into one of his stash places. She has  a conscious  and tries to return the thermos but Sadie won't hear of it. Jane tries to just happen to run into Sadie and tries to run errands and so forth to ease her feelings.
     Sadie is one tough old bat and gives Jane a run for money. Jane has to really work at gaining Sadie's friendship. Jane's roommate happens to find the stash of money when Starlet who is a puppy is playing with it one day.
     This movie deals with many of the differences between young and old. Camera work is questionable at best, but he movie is thought provoking and deserves a watch. So if you happen to have a rainy Sunday afternoon just take the time to pop this DVD into the machine and sit back and watch one of the best endings I've seen in a long time. Enjoy