Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Turkey Crawls Back To Russia

Turkish President Erdogan was in St. Petersburg, Russia today having talks with Russian President Putin. Now this would not have seemed at all strange a year ago but after an attempted coup against Erdogan and the downing of a Russian jet 8 months ago one has to wonder. Despite he fact that relations have been somewhat strained it looks like Erdogan is now trying to smooth the tensions between the two countries. Turkey has felt that the coup attempt was led by an exiled Turkish cleric now living in the United States. Does anybody really know that it's true? No, but it has put a wedge between Turkish and American relations.

Turkey, like many of the countries in the region, always seem to go back and forth between Russia and the United States when they want something. Turkey was in an agreement with Russia to the tune of 100 Billion dollars but that had been put on hold after the downing of the Russian jet. Erdogan needs cash and he needs a savior and Putin is the man.

Putin contacted Erdogan after the coup and that simple call allowed Erdogan to save face, a little. He still looks like he's begging Putin for forgiveness. Erdogan is weak and needs Putin's backing in the years to come if he wants to stay in power. 

Should the United States be worried about these talks? Yes they should up to a point. Erdogan still has ties to the West, and he needs them. So, he is not going to be stupid enough to get into bed with Putin so to speak, but they'll make out just a little.

The United States should take these talks seriously as we need Turkey in our fight against ISIS.  We need their air bases to launch air strikes against the Islamic State. This is an interesting day for all involved. Turkey needs to make sure that it knows what it's doing. If it were to lose the West and only have Russia then Turkey would be at its mercy of Putin. 

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana has for many years been noted to do more than just get you high. The federal government has known of its benefits for decades. How do we know this? Well the answer is simple. They took a patent out on marijuana back in the 1970's. Patent # 6630507 was taken out on marijuana but the DEA fought it and very little was done as far as research. It was in the last dozen years that the tide turned and the medical community started to come around. Research has been done. States have legalized cannabis for medical use and some states have actually legalized marijuana for recreational use.

The usage of marijuana medically varies. For instance an oil base form has been used for children to fight seizures due to epilepsy. It dramatically reduces the number of seizures from hundreds in a week to maybe one or two. It has no THC in the oil and thus does not get the children high in any way. It is called Charlotte's Web after the young child Charlotte Figi who was the first to use it against her seizures. Marijuana is now being studied in helping those who fight against PTSD. The pills that have been used fighting PTSD lead to suicide in some of the patients and marijuana doesn't. At full strength the marijuana calms those patients to a point where they can act normally and are able to live good lives.

Marijuana has been found to help cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy in fighting the nausea that is associated with the procedure. It allows the patients to eat normally and not throw up their food. In other words it makes them stronger. Marijuana has now been used in fighting cancer and in some cases has actually won the battle. It shrinks the cancer cells thus allowing the patients to beat the disease.

Marijuana helps glaucoma patients fight that disease. It helps those affected with AIDS. In other words it is no longer the evil weed that we were taught to believe. The DEA has fought it all these years because it didn't want to lose it's funding in fighting the drug war that the government has been losing all these years.

Florida is going to be voting on the legalization of medical marijuana this November 8th in the Presidential election. Dispensaries around the state are beginning to open and dispense the Charlotte's Web and other non THC forms of marijuana. Once it passes patients will be able to get all forms of medical marijuana. It is named Amendment 2 and it looks like this time it will pass.

Medical Marijuana is the drug of the future and its a simple weed that does more than just get you high. Pharmaceutical companies have truthfully not seen the writing on the wall but they would be wise to get on board and make some good money like everyone else is doing. Pills have too many side effects and more and more people are utilizing marijuana instead. In a short time the government may finally get on board, and who knows we might actually balance the budget all because of a simple weed. To find out more information please check out United For Care.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

'Clean Break' DVD Review

Frank Mallon (Adam Fergus) is the owner of a small car dealership in a town in Ireland. It is himself and his daughter Corrina (Kelly Thornton) left in the house ever since his wife left him. Frank goes about town with an attitude that everything is okay. Unfortunately, it is not and Frank is seriously depressed about life in general. You see the car dealership is not doing that well and it all finally hits home when Frank's friend Desmond Rane (Aidan McArdle) who also is his banker drops a bombshell. Simply put he tells Frank that he is broke. Frank doesn't take the news very well and rather than think of a way legally to get back on top, he comes up with a scheme to kidnap Desmond's wife and daughter holding them for ransom.

Franks daughter Corrina is in love and the guy is a little down on his luck. Danny Dempsey (Damien Molony) is a former boxer and was pretty good at one time. Corinna asks her father if there is any way that he can give Danny a job. At first it works out pretty well for all, but when Frank comes up with his kidnapping scheme he wants Danny to help. Annette Rane (Simone Kirby) and her daughter Jenny (Amybeth McNulty) are the targets of the kidnapping and what makes this even more ironic is that Frank and Annette use to be an item years ago. Let's face it is a small town.

Danny begins to have cold feet but realizes that the kidnapping might help him pay off his gambling debts. To make a long story short you really must watch to see how it all works out.
Acorn brings this four part series to DVD on August 23rd, 2016. The DVD quality is excellent and the sights and sounds are wonderful. This look at just how far a person will go when they are down and out is worth the look. This will make an excellent addition to that personal DVD library. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

'Traded' DVD Review

Clay Travis (Michael Pare) was an old style sharpshooter who had taken up ranching and raising his family. You see, in the 1880's Kansas ranching was a  good living but when his daughter Lily goes missing Travis stops everything and goes searching for her. The place he figures on looking first is Wichita. Travis works his way up to talking to what some might call a very shady person by the name of Ty Stover (Trace Adkins). After a little persuasion he gets Stover to talk. He learns that his daughter has been traded to an underground sex ring located in Dodge City.

Travis makes it to Dodge where he stumbles upon an old bartender by the name of Billy (Kris Kristofferson). Billy is able to help Travis in locating his daughter but it's not going to be easy to get her back. Travis figures that the only way to get his daughter back is to go back to his first profession sharpshooter. This means that there is going to be some bloodshed, but whose?

Westerns are beautiful in their simplicity. They all mostly use a gun to answer all problems. Travis had a good thing going. Rancher, family man, living in Kansas with land as far as the eye can see. His daughter means the world to him and he is not going to let this happen to her.

CINEDIGM brings this western to us on DVD on August 2nd, 2016. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are perfect. The story line is a little different but the basics for a good western are there. The scenery is an added plus to the film and the actors are great. This is a definite one to put in that personal DVD library. So pick it up soon and sit back and enjoy a good old fashioned western.

Monday, August 1, 2016

'Line Of Duty, Series 3' DVD Review

An Armed Response Unit was involved in the shooting of a suspect and the AC-12 unit was called in to investigate the incident. Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and DC Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) are back on the job to see if any wrong doing occurred in the shooting. Sergeant Danny Waldron (Daniel Mays) is the leader of the Armed Response Unit and is the one under investigation. Unfortunately for the AC-12 unit Waldron's team tries to undermine the investigation of its leader. They try their best to obstruct the investigation every way they can.

This is a super show to watch. The AC-12 unit investigates the wrong doing of fellow police officers. They are respected but for some officers are not looked kindly upon. This is a very different police drama that shows what goes on behind the scenes each and every day of a police force. Many shows focus on what happens from a criminal point of view with the police in pursuit. This show looks at how cops can be human, make mistakes, and what happens when they are caught.

Acorn is bringing this police drama to DVD on August 9th, 2016. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are fantastic. This is something that will fit perfectly in most DVD personal libraries. So, enjoy the work of the AC-12 unit and see just how the police actually police themselves.

'Murdoch Mysteries, Season 9' DVD Review

William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) is a police detective in Toronto, Ontario in the 1890's. Murdoch loves to use new forensic sciences to crack his cases.

In season 9 we find Murdoch protecting Mark Twain (William Shatner) while he is town for a speaking engagement. In another episode, Murdoch investigates the death of Suffragette Lillian Moss. Moss and Dr. Emily Grace (Georgina Reilly) were just days before leaving for London when it seems that Moss's past has finally caught up with her.

Murdoch teams up with a childhood friend Winnifred Pink who is a private investigator now. They both attended a wilderness camp and must help a fellow camper who has ties to a 30 year old murder. Once they get involved in the case they all begin to fear for their lives.

Murdoch Mysteries brings to the screen a great cast for instance, Helene Joy as Dr. Julia Ogdon Murdoch's wife. Jonny Harris as Constable Crabtree adds a special touch to Murdoch's team. Thomas Craig plays Inspector Brackenreid who in Season 9 has a really weird house guest that he must deal with.

One of the funnier episodes of Season 9 is when Murdoch has to take up the game of golf to find the murderer of a golfer. Murdoch is not a golfer and it shows. The finale of Season 9 finds Ogdon getting shot and Murdoch kidnapped, which makes the opening of Season 10 a great episode.

Acorn brings this wonderful detective series to DVD on August 2nd, 2016. The DVD quality is exquisite and the sights and sounds are excellent. 'Murdoch Mysteries, Season 9' is great entertainment. So when your picking it up you might want to get Seasons 1-8 at the same time as this is simply one great detective show. This is going to make an excellent addition to that personal DVD library.

'Bite' DVD Review

Casey (Elma Begovic) is in Costa Rica attending her Bachelorette party with her friends. The drinking and sun bathing go hand in hand. The girls are having a blast until one day they find an out of the way place to go for a swim. Casey gets bit by a mysterious bug but doesn't notice anything until she gets back home.

Her fiancé Jared (Jordan Gray) is giving her a hard time about having children. Jared wants them and Casey is hesitant. The most curious thing starts to take place as Casey begins her mutation into a hideous looking bug. Casey doesn't seem to fight the changes and actually makes a hive that cares for her eggs. She begins to live on the flesh of other human beings. Casey begins to realize she is changing and that it took place because of one 'Bite'.

This horror film ranks up to the legendary 'The Fly'. The effects are excellent and the scares are genuine. At one of the premieres that this film was shown at, many in the audience actually became very ill and vomited. So in other words, yes, this film is worth watching. Just be careful what you eat before watching.

Scream Factory is bringing this wonderful horror film to DVD on August 2nd, 2016. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are extreme. This is definitely worth the watch and you'll want to add it to your personal library.

Casey was to be a beautiful bride but with Jared's bothersome ways and the simple fact that she is becoming a bug it doesn't look like a marriage is going to take place. You never know though Jared and Casey may have those children after all just not in the usual way. If you like blood and gore in your horror films then this is definitely one for you. Enjoy.