Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana has for many years been noted to do more than just get you high. The federal government has known of its benefits for decades. How do we know this? Well the answer is simple. They took a patent out on marijuana back in the 1970's. Patent # 6630507 was taken out on marijuana but the DEA fought it and very little was done as far as research. It was in the last dozen years that the tide turned and the medical community started to come around. Research has been done. States have legalized cannabis for medical use and some states have actually legalized marijuana for recreational use.

The usage of marijuana medically varies. For instance an oil base form has been used for children to fight seizures due to epilepsy. It dramatically reduces the number of seizures from hundreds in a week to maybe one or two. It has no THC in the oil and thus does not get the children high in any way. It is called Charlotte's Web after the young child Charlotte Figi who was the first to use it against her seizures. Marijuana is now being studied in helping those who fight against PTSD. The pills that have been used fighting PTSD lead to suicide in some of the patients and marijuana doesn't. At full strength the marijuana calms those patients to a point where they can act normally and are able to live good lives.

Marijuana has been found to help cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy in fighting the nausea that is associated with the procedure. It allows the patients to eat normally and not throw up their food. In other words it makes them stronger. Marijuana has now been used in fighting cancer and in some cases has actually won the battle. It shrinks the cancer cells thus allowing the patients to beat the disease.

Marijuana helps glaucoma patients fight that disease. It helps those affected with AIDS. In other words it is no longer the evil weed that we were taught to believe. The DEA has fought it all these years because it didn't want to lose it's funding in fighting the drug war that the government has been losing all these years.

Florida is going to be voting on the legalization of medical marijuana this November 8th in the Presidential election. Dispensaries around the state are beginning to open and dispense the Charlotte's Web and other non THC forms of marijuana. Once it passes patients will be able to get all forms of medical marijuana. It is named Amendment 2 and it looks like this time it will pass.

Medical Marijuana is the drug of the future and its a simple weed that does more than just get you high. Pharmaceutical companies have truthfully not seen the writing on the wall but they would be wise to get on board and make some good money like everyone else is doing. Pills have too many side effects and more and more people are utilizing marijuana instead. In a short time the government may finally get on board, and who knows we might actually balance the budget all because of a simple weed. To find out more information please check out United For Care.