Monday, August 1, 2016

'Murdoch Mysteries, Season 9' DVD Review

William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) is a police detective in Toronto, Ontario in the 1890's. Murdoch loves to use new forensic sciences to crack his cases.

In season 9 we find Murdoch protecting Mark Twain (William Shatner) while he is town for a speaking engagement. In another episode, Murdoch investigates the death of Suffragette Lillian Moss. Moss and Dr. Emily Grace (Georgina Reilly) were just days before leaving for London when it seems that Moss's past has finally caught up with her.

Murdoch teams up with a childhood friend Winnifred Pink who is a private investigator now. They both attended a wilderness camp and must help a fellow camper who has ties to a 30 year old murder. Once they get involved in the case they all begin to fear for their lives.

Murdoch Mysteries brings to the screen a great cast for instance, Helene Joy as Dr. Julia Ogdon Murdoch's wife. Jonny Harris as Constable Crabtree adds a special touch to Murdoch's team. Thomas Craig plays Inspector Brackenreid who in Season 9 has a really weird house guest that he must deal with.

One of the funnier episodes of Season 9 is when Murdoch has to take up the game of golf to find the murderer of a golfer. Murdoch is not a golfer and it shows. The finale of Season 9 finds Ogdon getting shot and Murdoch kidnapped, which makes the opening of Season 10 a great episode.

Acorn brings this wonderful detective series to DVD on August 2nd, 2016. The DVD quality is exquisite and the sights and sounds are excellent. 'Murdoch Mysteries, Season 9' is great entertainment. So when your picking it up you might want to get Seasons 1-8 at the same time as this is simply one great detective show. This is going to make an excellent addition to that personal DVD library.