Wednesday, August 3, 2016

'Clean Break' DVD Review

Frank Mallon (Adam Fergus) is the owner of a small car dealership in a town in Ireland. It is himself and his daughter Corrina (Kelly Thornton) left in the house ever since his wife left him. Frank goes about town with an attitude that everything is okay. Unfortunately, it is not and Frank is seriously depressed about life in general. You see the car dealership is not doing that well and it all finally hits home when Frank's friend Desmond Rane (Aidan McArdle) who also is his banker drops a bombshell. Simply put he tells Frank that he is broke. Frank doesn't take the news very well and rather than think of a way legally to get back on top, he comes up with a scheme to kidnap Desmond's wife and daughter holding them for ransom.

Franks daughter Corrina is in love and the guy is a little down on his luck. Danny Dempsey (Damien Molony) is a former boxer and was pretty good at one time. Corinna asks her father if there is any way that he can give Danny a job. At first it works out pretty well for all, but when Frank comes up with his kidnapping scheme he wants Danny to help. Annette Rane (Simone Kirby) and her daughter Jenny (Amybeth McNulty) are the targets of the kidnapping and what makes this even more ironic is that Frank and Annette use to be an item years ago. Let's face it is a small town.

Danny begins to have cold feet but realizes that the kidnapping might help him pay off his gambling debts. To make a long story short you really must watch to see how it all works out.
Acorn brings this four part series to DVD on August 23rd, 2016. The DVD quality is excellent and the sights and sounds are wonderful. This look at just how far a person will go when they are down and out is worth the look. This will make an excellent addition to that personal DVD library. Enjoy.