Tuesday, May 28, 2013

European Union Lifts Sanctions to Syrian Rebels

     EU has lifted sanctions against the Syrian Rebels thus opening a hole new area of contention. The EU is putting itself up against Russia in the arms deals with Syria. Russia last week openly sold arms to Syria's Assad. Now we have to deal with the EU selling to the rebels. Three weeks ago at the invisible negotiating table it was the US, Russia, Syrian Rebels, and Syria. Now we have Hezbollah, the EU, and possibly Iran. Yes that's right I said Iran. They have been silent but I fear not for much longer. This has started to open up to include most of the West Bank, including Israel.
     The EU says all other sanctions are still in place . It's just allowing the Rebels to buy arms. Man every day this is changing. Can't wait to see what happens today. More to come.