Friday, May 31, 2013

Saying Goodbye To the St. Pete Pier

    Now across the bay in St. Pete, Florida stands a pier we nicknamed 'The Pyramid'. For you see on the end of this pier is an upside down building in the shape of a pyramid. It has stood for 40 plus years, but now they want to replace it. Like everything else they feel we need something different.
    Yes the pier has structural damage and does need repair, but most feel it would be easier to tear down and rebuild. I have fished off this pier and it has a nice restaurant, The Columbia, but it is all the way over in St. Pete and I do have closer piers. But it is a shame to see it go. It has been a landmark for so long.
    The replacement to 'The Pyramid' is to be called 'The Lens'. I don't know why, it doesn't  look like a lens. It is modernization, so who knows.
    After eleven pm tonight we will not be allowed back on the pier until the new one is complete. So to 'The Pyramid' I say goodbye and thank you for all the years of pleasure you brought to so many.