Sunday, May 12, 2013

Movie Review: The Rabbi's Cat

       This movie is based on the novel by Joann Sfar. The story is about a sharp tongued philosopher cat with a scathing sense of humor.
      The story is based in Algeria in the 1930's. Which at the time was an  intersection of Jewish, Arab and French culture. The cat belongs to a widowed rabbi and his beautiful daughter. The cat eats the family parrot and begins to talk. The cat with his sardonic wit attacks everybody under the sun. He attacks all faiths, traditions and authority in his search for the truth. The cat begins a cross country search with others in tow under the Saharan  sun looking for a lost Ethiopian city.
       The times of the 30's especially in Algeria were so uncertain with WW2 on the way. Colonialism was going away and everyone was searching for their identity. This is a look at how in the cats eyes everyone was acting at the time.
      The film is rich in color and you feel as if you are walking in the past. This tale of adventure is a must see for all ages.