Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Winter the Dolphin

      Now let me tell you of our little dolphin Winter. Winter was rescued off the coast of Florida and brought to the Clearwater Marine Institute. She would lose part of her tail by getting tangled up in some netting. An artificial tail was later attached and she has been swimming around in our hearts ever since. You would think that would be the end of our story but it isn't.
     This was something so new that they went ahead and made a movie about it. The first time I really became aware of all of this was when a friend came into my class and did a talk to the kids about Winter. The kids ate it all up. Bill Gibron is a film critic here in Tampa and he brought shirts and hats about Winter.
     He gave a great talk that day and I have loved that little dolphin ever since. I invite you if you ever are in the Tampa Bay area go across the bay to Clearwater and drop in and say Hi to Winter. She will love to see ya.