Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jonathon And Gertrude Seagull

     Now, I went to the beach yesterday and I met the cutest couple. I was getting out of the water from doing my swimming. This couple were on the shore arguing. She was upset with her husband because he was not catching enough fish for her and the children. You see Jonathon is a little lazy. He likes to strut up and down the beach like he's God's gift to women. He flex's all his muscles as the girls walk by. Now Gertrude was giving him a tongue lashing like you wouldn't believe. She was yelling like there was no tomorrow. Calling Jonathon a good for nothing husband.
    All of a sudden Jonathon reared back and gave a yell like you no other. Yelling, "Woman get off my back. You nag". Oh, Gertrude did not like that, and gave her husband another tongue lashing. It was funny watching him go into the water and scooping up some minnows He looked at his wife and with one big swoop he was off into the air. Gertrude glanced back at me as if to say "You have something to say" and I looked at her and replied "No mam". As she took off into the air I felt a little sorry for good ole Jonathon but I knew that as his kids were being fed Gertrude would be very pleased with her husband for the amount of fish he caught. I'll be back at the beach next week and we will see what the pair are up to.