Thursday, May 30, 2013

End Of The School Year.

     The tests are all done. The kids know it, the teachers know it, and the parents know.  The children are coming home for Summer. We are all just going through the motions to get to the end of the year next week. You play games that make them think but they don't really know it. They just know it's a game. The cafeteria has stopped making anything edible. All they are interested in is to clean out the refrigerators.
    The classrooms are getting packed up so the maintenance men can come in and paint the rooms for next year. The boys and girls are already thinking ahead to waking up later and playing to all hours. The teachers are thinking of laying out on the beach, getting a suntan, playing with their own children, and making up for lost time.
   Summer vacation is a time to rest and relax and get ready for another year. You know it's funny by the time August roles around everyone is getting back into that mindset of school. Well, after all, we are teachers. God Bless Summer. See y'all next year.