Saturday, May 11, 2013

Russia to keep selling missles to Assad

     Last week Russia and the United States agreed to try and get the Assad Syrian Regime and the Rebels back to the table for talks. A week later, Russia confirms they will still sell the S-300 missile batteries to Syria. This is turn gets Israel up in arms over the sale. So with all this chaos going on in the region can one ever assume talks will begin?
     I can't see it happening until Russia agrees to stop selling weapons to Syria. Unfortunately, the United States is no better with all the help it gives Israel. This conflict will not come to a proper end until Assad steps down from power. This won't happen as Assad would want so much in return for his stepping aside. Maybe a chateau in France would be a generous offer but I still can't see him stepping aside.
    This problem will never go away since Russia needs funds desperately. So to pacify them someone would have to give them something. You think this will ever happen? Peace in the region. Not hardly.