Monday, May 13, 2013

Movie Review; Escape

   This story takes place in Norway following the Black Death in the 1300's.  A family is traveling along a path when they are attacked and robbed. All except one is murdered. A girl who at 19 is about to grow up fast. Signe is to be a surrogate mother for gang leader Dagmar who can't bear any more children. When Dagmar was tossed into a river along with her own daughter several years before, she was pregnant but lost both daughter and unborn child. Dagmar was accused of bringing the plaque to her village thus her attempted murder was to appease the gods.
    Signe does escape along with Dagmar's daughter Frigg but only makes it so far. The little girl goes back to Dagmar and our young heroine jumps into a river off a cliff. The rest I will let you see when you watch the movie.
 'Escape' is set in an Armageddon like wasteland. The villages and people are few. The scenery in the movie is beautiful and the story is excellent. It is part of  'The Cold Prey Trilogy'. It is a movie that even with subtitles would be an enjoyable, but the DVD has an English dubbed version. Why not take a look.