Thursday, May 23, 2013

Middle Age

     Some may say 52 is creeping away from middle age to an older age. I say, that's a load of crap. As long as a person can feel young physically, as well as, mentally then you will be young. Age the number is nothing more than a number that's all. I see people who are younger than me but look like they are going to keel over at any minute.
     I used to think that 30 was going to be an old age. Man did I raise those numbers. Now 70 is an old age. I still remember much of my youth. I remember the good old days as we call them. There is very little I would change. I would love to do some of it over again but I would still make the same choices I made. I have enjoyed many an adventure some of which I'm surprised I survived. Hey, you only live once so you might as well push the envelope and see where the pieces fall. Never second guess yourself. Go with your first thought and your gut. See ya on the flip side.