Monday, May 6, 2013

Documentary Review: Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel

     Hugh Hefner was born into a puritan faith family. At an early age he enjoyed being on stage as an actor. He enjoyed the spotlight and wanted to become a household name. As a teenager he would learn the art  of drawing. From there he would later go on to a menial job with a marriage that would bore him to death.
      In the early 50's, he would borrow some money and publish a new magazine called Playboy. In his first issue he would show the young Marilyn Monroe nude. From there you can say Playboy took off.
      In the early years, he would face bigotry, stereotyping, and prudes from all facets of the populace. Hef as he would later be called opened up the world to a sexuality that it had not seen in centuries.
     This DVD is full of known celebrities reminiscing about the man and his empire, as he struggled from the early years with little or nothing to creating his billion dollar empire. Take the time to truly see an entrepreneur at his best.  Hugh Hefner is living what we used to call the "American Dream". So watch and see how dreams come true.