Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Politicians are ate up with a dumbass!!

     There is not a politician on this planet that actually has a proper clue as to how to lead. That goes from Putin to Obama and everybody in between. Not one of them are actually here for the people. It's as if once they get into power they forget why they were sent there to begin with. If it is not the infighting between political parties, it's the drunkenness of power that overtakes them.
     The worse part of it is this planet and its inhabitants are suffering because of it. Corporations who are here just to make money, strip this planet of all its valuable resources so they can produce items we honestly don't need. When will it stop. When we have nothing left. You think things are bad now, wait till you have a planet full of people fighting for whats left. Oh, we are there already. God help us all. Thank you to "The Idiots" who call themselves our leaders. You really screwed things up.