Friday, June 21, 2013

Violence Against Woman

    World Health Organization has come out and finally said that violence against women is now a global epidemic. The report is based on studies done from 1983-2010. They acknowledge that most of the violence comes from partners or ex-partners.It's also being done from people women know.
    WHO wants all health workers to be trained so they can see the early signs of abuse. Whether it be physical with no sexual attack or just physical violence they want workers to know what's going on. They are saying about of a third of the women on this planet have been abused. OK this is just wrong people.
     The areas on this planet where the violence is heaviest is Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. OK guys lets talk, I know women can get on your nerves but seriously women are to be loved and pampered not abused. This has to stop. I know it's bad in the United States but in the areas I mentioned it's worse. If you see it or know about it then get involved and put a stop to it.