Thursday, June 13, 2013


     His name is Handover. He is a blackish grey lab. His owner is named James. They were homeless.
James lost his wife to cancer. The last gift she gave her husband was a puppy. She didn't want James to be alone. James was on the streets because he couldn't handle the medical bills. Handover went missing some time ago and James was able to tell the world through some TV stations here in the Tampa Bay area about his lost dog.
     Someone found the dog and returned it to James. You would think that this would be a great ending to a  story. Someone else saw the story and found James' daughter. James was reunited with his family and he is now living with them. He and Handover are off the streets. They are living in a home again.
     Handover became lost and both he and James were found. Cancer can turn someone's life upside down. Life can eventually heal all. We must have faith.