Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Don't Give Up The Fight

     When you find yourself low and you feel the weight of the world upon your shoulders don't give up the fight. Never give in and admit defeat. Maybe you can admit that it can't be done. Just don't give the bastard the win. Whether it's a government that you feel is doing you wrong or a business that is treating you unfairly. It could be a family member or friend who is taking advantage of you, just don't give up.
      If you believe strongly in something and you feel it really down low in your gut then it's the right thing. Then don't give up. Fight for it, and the world can be yours. Look I'm not saying you go out and break the law.  In most countries there are ways to get around the rules, do it legally.
     There is nothing in this world that says it cannot be done, unless it's you giving up. Be strong. Be true to yourself and to all around you. Stand up and be heard and don't give up the fight.