Sunday, June 23, 2013

William And Kates Baby.

    No she hasn't had the baby yet. She just went on lite duty so to speak. All her social appearances have been cut. So we are down to the wire. What bothers me about all this is that Great Britain on the whole might be looking at this birth as some sort of financial windfall for the country.
    OK. That's just pathetic. I hope the article I read was wrong. Look this is a child and I understand  that it is in the line toward the throne, but it is a baby. I remember what we all did to William's Mother and I cried like a little baby when she died. It's time to set matters straight. These people may belong to the British Monarchy but they are still human beings. When the baby is born I will get my pint of Guinness out and I will toast the birth, but that's it. I hope I don't upset my readers in Great Britain but let the kids become parents before everybody tries to make a buck or pound off them. Cheers