Friday, June 7, 2013

We The People

    It doesn't read we the few. So why is the American government basically spying on it's own people. I understand where some might feel that this is the way to fight terrorism but enough is enough. When my own government is violating our privacy then someone or something has to change. When our own President states that it is for the good of all, then I say Bullshit. The idea that Verizon is giving the records of millions of people to the government so they can use it against us then this must stop.
    This country was formed on the belief of freedom, well once you take away those freedoms what do we have left, nothing. That's what we have nothing.
     Well Verizon will never get my business again. As for Facebook giving up our postings who cares. I don't put anything on it that I'm worried about. This is something that all Americans should be outraged about. Our freedoms are being invaded. We must stop this nonsense.