Friday, June 7, 2013

Russian Navy To Stay in Syria.

    It was reported yesterday that Russian President Putin says that the Russian Navy will stay positioned off the Syrian coast. They have a naval base at the port of Tartus. The only problem is that it is falling apart like everything else Russian. For years their navy has been mothballed, cleaned up, and mothballed again. Russian cannot afford to run its own navy. With the civil war in Syria going into it's third year Russia feels it has interests in Syria and will try to maintain a small fleet in the Mediterranean.
     Russia speaks with a fork tongued approach to the Syrian conflict. On one hand it calls for talks and on the other hand it provides missiles and the navy to Syria's President Assad. Can't have it both ways Russia.
     The United States also wants to have talks in the later part of summer but I don't see this happening. More to come.